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Section 1 - Outcome of Dieting, Diet Results

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: What do you want to get out of your diet plan?

Do you feel like your new diet is just going to be another failed attempt at losing weight? If so, you must not feel this way. You must start to believe that you can lose the weight.

Think about this. Do you feel that you could gain more weight if you tried? If you gave it your all? Sure you could And you'd have fun doing it, wouldn't you?

I know what I would - but I also know that I wouldn't love gaining those pounds, and neither would you.

Now let's turn the table and view weight loss. If you believe that can gain weight then surely you can lose weight. The two are the opposite of one another - and they are balanced by one factor: recommended weight.

Here is the difference in 'believing' in weight gain and 'believing' in weight loss.

Where weight gain is involved, we 'know' that we can gain weight. In the area of weight loss, we don't know if that can be achieved because we truly enjoy gaining weight - specifically, the foods and drinks involved. But this losing weight thing, it's going to be difficult.

Unlike the delicious, unlimited amounts of food and drink that is involved amid the weight gain process, losing weight just isn't any fun at all.

It sucks to feel hungry. It sucks to be forced to avoid eating all that we want of a particular food favorite just so that we'll lose those pounds or so that we'll maintain our recommended weight.

At this point - we can start to believe that weight loss is real and that it can indeed happen to us because we're feeling the pain. But unfortunately, that pain often is responsible for dieters reverting back to their former unhealthy daily diet.

The Importance of Knowing You'll Succeed At Losing Weight

Until I KNEW that I was going to lose that unwanted, unhealthy weight once and for all - forever, I was unsuccessful at losing weight. If you believe from the Diet-Get-Go that your diet is going to be a failure, it's already a strike against weight loss success.

The cure? Get Diet Game Faced and believe in yourself and KNOW that you will lose the weight. Let's see how Dieter Melinda was successful at knowing she would succeed is losing those unhealthy pounds.

She needed to lose a total of 100 whopping pounds. Melinda had dieted for years without success.

She knew that she could lose weight but she didn't know and believe that she could lose all those unwanted pounds.

Then one day she told herself, "This is getting ridiculous. I've wasted years dieting, trying to get rid of these pounds. I know that I can lose weight. But I need to know that I'm going to lose all the weight. I'm not going to allow myself to experience failure again in this area."

With this in mind, Melinda was thin inside her thoughts, inside her mind. Her body would take time to reach that image in her mind.

She had to patiently wait for it to get there - to come into balance with her thoughts. This time, losing weight was much different. She knew - she absolutely had no doubt that she would meet her weight loss and fitness goals.

About a year later, she went from a size 26 dress to a size 2 dress. She still has skin sag to deal with but it is much less than it could have been because she lost weight at a safe rate - about 2 pounds per week over the period of a year. This allowed her body to slowly come into balance with weight loss, and it was a safe rate of weight loss.

Furthermore, Melinda's weight loss success was accompanied with another treasure. She KNEW that she was never going to have to go on another diet again. She was determined to keep her new, healthier body in shape.

It was more precious to her than any cookie, cupcake, doughnut or goody that she formally couldn't turn lose of in order to obtain her dream. And now that she has, she's never looking back and never letting go of the good life.

Are you sure that you'll lose those unwanted pounds, but fear that you'll regain the weight? This Diet Bites article can assist. 

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