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Section 1 - Scared of Dieting
The Wickedly Good Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Are you frightened of losing weight? We'll hold your hand and get you through this....

Do you feel like this about starting a new weight loss plan? "I'm so scared! Mommy help!"

Being frightened of dieting is a common feeling shared by many individuals wanting to lose weight. They are scared that they might fail - scared about what to eat - and let me tell you, some of the diet menus out there are worthy of being scared of.

Yes, even grown dieters get scared from time-to-time. Many weight loss plans have all sorts of funny or weirdo foods on the menus - half of which I never heard of until I got my first gray hair. Oh the horror.

There are things that you can be on the watch for - that you should avoid when choosing your weight loss plan. Here are some excellent suggestions to assist when making your choice:

1. Does the weight loss plan allow a minimum of 1,350 calories?

If it's less, then it's going to be difficult to manage getting all of your vitamins and minerals fit into the puzzle. And if you have a lot of weight to drop, you may need a daily diet which allows for more calories - then you simply adjust them downward as the weight is lost.

If the diet is not at minimum 1,350 calories, please see your doctor as you'll need to be under a professional's watchful eye for a diet that is lower in caloric values.

2. Does the weight loss plan focus on central elements related to weight gain?

For example, if the focus is placed on reducing dietary fat grams to below the recommended 30% of daily intake - or if it promotes a huge overage of protein grams, then you're only asking for a Health Disaster in the making. Avoid and keep searching for a healthier mix.

3. Does the plan encourage ketosis?

This condition is associated with carbohydrate-restricted diet plan and involves a high concentration of ketone bodies contained in the blood or urine. This mode of dieting can prove lethal or at minimum, unfortunate in the area of health risks to certain individuals - such as those with diabetes, or those who have hidden diabetes.

4. Does the diet allow for all of the five basic food groups housed within the official food pyramid?

Does it limit certain food group servings? Does it prefer one food group over another or are the emphasises balanced? Are the same-old, same-old foods listed on the daily menu? Are the foods outrageous? Do they border on the bizarre?

For example, Betty went on the New Miracle Speed Demon Weight Loss Plan. This is what her menu looked like for the first week:

Breakfast Menu: boiled egg, grapefruit, water
Lunch Menu: 1/2 cup of steamed rice, 1 cup of broccoli, water
Dinner Menu: 2 bananas, slightly green

Her diet menu looked like this amid the second week:

Breakfast Menu: dry toast, water
Lunch Menu: 10 saltine crackers, 2 Tablespoons of tuna in spring water, one olive studded with a pimento, water
Dinner Menu: Tough Luck Sister

Every week for a period of one month the daily menus changed. All in all, there were four basic, very crummy, very unhealthy, very deadly menus for Betty to follow. Her weight loss plan lasted for a total of 9 days. She managed to get through the first week, then she crawled to week two and collapsed on day two of week two of this fad diet plan. Scary, isn't it?

5. Moderate or Maddening Exercise?

Does the weight loss plan suggest moderate exercise or will you need to be a mini-Arnold to accomplish the 12 pages of illustrated exercises outlined 'just for you' in the plan?

6. Are their ridiculous promises?

I've seen some weight loss plans touting that if the individual will just lose all that baggage, then they'll find true love. 'It's waiting for you, right around the corner of weight loss success.' Yeah - an appointment with Doctor Death.

If the weight loss claims and promises are just too weird and wacky, then use your logic and good sense. You can do much better than diets of this nature.

What do you perceive your weight loss plan to produce? Start here.

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