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Section 1 - Having Second Thoughts
About Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Second-thinking your weight loss plan can prove to be a bad situation.

If you are having second thoughts about dieting, we could list so many reasons why you should diet.  Weight loss benefits everything from improving your body's level of health to fortifying immunity against disease and illness to boosting self-confidence.

But sometimes, an individual needs time to think over their current situation. It's a wise thing to do, and necessary for weight loss success. It's better to rethink going on a diet than to go on a diet - then get off the diet. This may lead to yo-yo dieting, a difficult habit to remedy which has it's own set of weight gain horrors.

The times in life that make dieting stressful include holidays, upcoming celebration moments, personal situations such as the loss of a close friend or relative, job changes and vacation.

If the holidays are coming up and you feel that you're going to be able to get through those without much of a challenge, then go for it! The sooner that the weight is lost, the better. But if you feel apprehensive - or skeptical, then perhaps you're rate of success will be stronger after the holiday or days have passed.

However, DO make it your objective to remain at your current weight without experiencing weight gain.

Please don't enter the holidays - particularly those that last from October 31 until January 1 a seasons where this is your central thought, "I'll enjoy one final set of holidays where I won't worrying about losing weight. I'll enjoy all of my favorite seasonal goodies and I'll eat and drink as much as I want - particularly eggnog and mince pie."

This is unfortunately the worst possible mode of thinking and will generate several more pounds that you'll have to deal with after the holidays are gone. And other than enjoying the textures and flavors of the food and drink that you indulge upon, what else will you get out of your eating frenzy? Other than weight gain, a poorer state of health and lowered self-confidence.

Eating and drinking require minimal time.

I was made even more of this recently when I visited a sandwich shop. I ordered a sandwich and noticed that a young, very handsome gentleman had ordered a cheeseburger with double meat and double cheese along with a large drink and a large order of fries. He was sitting at a booth, reading a book as he was eating.

I had noticed him as I'd passed by to go to the counter to place my order. Shortly, I returned to a table to enjoy my sandwich and I saw that he had already finished that tall order of food and was preparing to leave the restaurant. He didn't have an ounce of fat on him and looked as fit as a fiddle. But the health factor isn't the point we're making in this circumstance. That aside, it took this gentleman very little time to eat that double meat and cheese burger, the fries and drink.

With our rotten luck, someone will read this dieting article - then devise yet another fad diet based on a time limit allowed for eating throughout the day. And on that note, eating your meals slowly and enjoying each and every bite can assist greatly in satisfying your chewing needs as well as your appetite. Take time to enjoy your food and drink. If you need to refuel but can't focus on enjoying your meal, then opt for something to bring your blood sugar levels into balance and enjoy your full meal a bit later - when you can sit down and enjoy each and every bite.

Dieting & Vacations

You'll probably experience more successful results where weight loss is concerned if you avoid a restricted calorie limit while on vacation. But like the holiday suggestion above - don't go A-P-E. Strive to remain at your current weight. If you drop a few ounces or pounds, then great. Just don't gain weight. After vacation time, you can get down to serious business.

We will add that weight gain as well as weight loss may not register fully on the bathroom scales until the body comes into balance with the daily diet and the caloric distributions; this can take a day or two to register and in some situations, a bit longer. This is why what we eat and drink today may not truly be shown on our scales until day after tomorrow; we must be patient. It's like waiting for the results of a test. The results will come - but they will arrive at their own choosing.

Dieting & Stressful Situations

Weight loss almost-never works out in a positive manner when the individual is going through significant stress and has chosen to lose weight.

It's not only bad to diet then get off the diet onto a binge, it's bad for one's health to juggle too many things at once. At some point the pins or balls will get out of sync and hit our little heads.

If you are intimidated or afraid of dieting, this article at Diet Bites can assist in that area.

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