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Never Been on a Diet Before

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: What to expect on your first diet plan.

If you have never been on a diet before we'll make a guess that you have either been very good in maintaining your weight throughout your life, or you are very young.

If the later applies, please don't even consider a diet - particularly if you are still growing. You should only follow a diet plan prescribed by your doctor.

Weight Gain in Young Adults

However, if you are a young adult and find yourself suddenly struggling with your weight, then yes - it's vital to get off those unhealthy pounds before they have time to grow to new proportions.

Like weeds, they can overtake the body before one realizes what has happened. It's amazing the damage that those innocent-looking cupcakes can do, along with other innocent-looking foods.

Take note of the following sage advice as it will be key as you march forward in life where your weight is involved. When you go on your weight loss plan you should keep on your diet until all those unhealthy pounds are gone. If you quit mid-stream, it's much like stopping an antibiotic treatment ordered by the doctor. When this happens, the bacteria can turn into super bacteria - a super bug unless the antibiotics are taken for the prescribed time period.

When we go on a weight loss plan and quit mid-stream before reaching our weight loss goals, weight gain can turn into a super bug. Pause and think about it; what's the one thing that every dieter does once they quit their diet plan? They binge on all of their favorite goodies that they have been avoiding. The result is not kind. It's not pretty. It's actually quite terrible. The dieter not only regains any pounds that were discarded through their diet plan, they generally gain more weight - particularly in the days and weeks that follow their dead diet plan.

Therefore, once you commit to a healthy weight loss plan, it is imperative to remain focused and true through the end, until goals are met. Otherwise, you are placing yourself at a very high risk of weight gain.

Slow Weight Gain Issues & Solutions

If you have been a whiz at maintaining your weight over the years but find that weight is creeping up on you, it's a common occurrence as we grow older. The metabolism slows - and we tend to slow down our pace, using less calories than we expend.

There are several solutions that will rid the body of the unwanted weight as well as prevent future weight gain issues.

Exercise Factor

1. You can increase your level of activity which will burn stored fat housed within the fat cells. This may or may not be enough to encourage fat loss. If not, then you may have to combine increased activity with the following step.

Food Pyramid & Dieting

2. Embrace the Food Pyramid and base your daily diet upon such. Trim unhealthy snacks from your daily diet; eat foods as natural as possible. For example, rather than dining on French fries fried in oil, dine on a baked potato. As to nutrient density, this is how it plays out:

a. raw potato
b. baked potato
c. fried potato, cheesy potato, loaded baked potato

With each tier, the quality - or the density of the nutrients decreases. When aiming for a thinner, healthier body - you want to fuel your body with the highest quality of fuel. In this situation, the raw potato is the most healthy selection with the baked potato falling close behind. Let's see how the nutrient density plays out for the carrot:

a. raw carrot
b. boiled, baked, grilled or pan-roasted carrot
c. carrot and raisin salad prepared with full-blown Mayo

What about the nutrient density within the protein group? It looks like this when beef steak is the ingredient:

a. broiled, baked, grilled or oven roasted steak
b. steak chunks served inside of casseroles or stir fry type recipes which contain the healthiest of ingredients
c. fried and battered steak fingers with country gravy served on top or on the side

Monitoring Calorie Intake

3. And finally, if exercise and an improved daily diet don't rectify the slow weight gain, then you may have to reduce your daily caloric values. As we age, the metabolism grows older along with our body.

Simply put, no matter how fit we might be - nothing can stop ageing. Otherwise, we'd live forever.

Therefore, cutting back on caloric values might be the only solution in preventing future weight gain as well as losing those unhealthy pounds.

If you're having second thoughts about dieting, this article at Diet Bites can assist to motivate.

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