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Section 1 - Lack Diet Motivation

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: What you can do to get back your Diet Mojo.

Are you willing to diet and wanting to succeed in losing those unwanted pounds but you lack the motivation to do such?

Many individuals commonly find this to be the case when trying to lose weight. Generally, there are a couple of situations that contribute to this feeling.  

1. They want to lose those excess unhealthy pounds, but dieting may be too stressful, too difficult, or take too much effort at this point in their life.

2. Individuals who are willing to diet, but lack motivation have often been told to lose weight by their doctor due to health concerns. And it's difficult to drum up excitement about weight loss - or for anything else when we've been ordered to do such.

Either situation requires an injection of weight loss motivation, or the diet is doomed from the beginning.

You will discover tons of diet motivation at Diet Bites - so that's the good news.  And we'll keep doing our best to keep you motivated. This section Phase 1 - Diet Motivation is intended to boost motivation and confidence in the dieter and may be of help in 'putting you in the diet mood'! 

Amid the weight loss stage, it is vital to keep a high level of enthusiasm, otherwise your weight loss aspirations are placed in dire jeopardy.

Here are tips to assist in bucking your enthusiasm up a notch:

- Those pounds will come off as long as you persevere.

Time passes quickly; before we know what happens we've moved from our teen years into a rocking chair, sitting and reminiscing about what little memories we might have made along the way. Along life's pathway we have a pouch of precious seeds that were given to us when we were born. We plant them as we progress from year to year.

While some of the seeds we sow grow and prosper, some will fall onto little rotten dirt and die. Or they will grow into weeds. These are the types of seeds that are sown when weight gain ensues - rotten little seeds that turn into weeds. And if you have ever dealt with weeds, you know that if you pluck up the first one from the soil - then all is well. But if they are allowed to run rampant, to reproduce like bunnies on a sugar-high, the thatch of weeds become overwhelming. The overgrowth can be astronomical. Even the best bushhog on earth will find difficulty in mowing them down. Even the most potent insecticide will find difficultly in controlling or eradicating them.

With this said, be very careful of the bag of precious seeds that you've been given and plant them wisely. Avoid rotten soil or sandy soil. Where sandy soil is concerned, it's much like quicksand to the wayward, innocent dieter. Before they know what happened, they've enjoyed not one chocolate cream-filled cupcake, rather the entire baker's dozen - sucked into the vortex of weight gain. Hold onto your hat!

- If you allow weight gain to continue, it's not going to make things in your life better.

It will only cause more grief, more health issues and more negativity. Weight gain - unwanted weight gain specifically only causes negative things to happen. Unless one has need of gaining pounds, they are never thrilled about taking more onto their bodies. In fact, some people who are of skeletal state would love to ditch another ten pounds from their body. We're a very unpredictable society, a very unusual and at times, weird group, we-humans.

- Tie a string around your little finger so that you remember that you and only you have the power to remove those unwanted, unhealthy pounds.

You should ask for assistance if you're feeling like you're not going to be able to accomplish weight loss on your own or if you feel that you won't stick to your diet plan until the weight is gone. There are several avenues and options which can assist in keeping you on track with weight loss:

1. You can join a gym for a nominal amount of money per month or year.

Take the money that you were spending on extra food that you won't need in your future to pay for the gym. You may have enough money left over for a personal trainer.

2. Keep reading information on losing weight at Diet Bites.

We'll do all that we can possibly do to keep you on track with your weight loss plan.

3. Enlist the help of friends and family members who care about you and who will assist in keeping you focused on losing weight.

Keep remembering that you can indeed lose the unwanted weight, but again - when it's all said and done, it's you and only you who can generate this goal.

If you have never been on a diet before, this Diet Bites article will provide some excellent tips.

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