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Section 10 - Celebrating Weight Loss Success

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Anytime is a great time to celebrate losing unwanted pounds.

As with any milestone in life - a great accomplishment requires a great celebration!

Losing weight is not an easy feat and you should be congratulated for your hard work and dedication to your weight loss accomplishment.

With that said, how do you plan to celebrate your weight loss success? And on that note, we have a few things to add that can assist in keeping your new weight stabilized. After all the hard work and challenges that you experienced in getting to this magic moment, the last thing that you want to do is to regain that lost weight.

The Celebratory Moment of Binge

Unfortunately, many dieters who reach this point end up going on for a celebratory moment and end-up bingeing on all their former favorite foods and beverages. They literally let their hair down - making up for lost time. After all, it's a celebration moment - and a special time. They won't be doing this again.

But the trouble with this line of thinking is that because all overweight individuals have a problem with managing their weight, this is a very risky avenue to pursue. While it's great to go out and celebrate, it's vital to keep the meal serving sizes as well as the choices in check - just as you did while dieting.

We need to look no further than to see what happened to Dieter Phil after he lost 85 pounds over the span of six months. He asked his closest friends to come and celebrate his weight loss achievement at one of his favorite Mexican restaurants. And Phil didn't hold anything back over the span of the evening. He ordered the fried chili peppers stuffed with full-blown cheese, the cheese and beef enchiladas, the nachos drowning in yet more cheese - and he splurged on three baskets of tortilla chips and the house salsa.

He was so happy. And he left the Mexican restaurant with a little regret. He hadn't remembered having this much fun at meal time since before his weight loss plan - over half a year ago. It had been a long, challenging and yes - grueling stretch of time. There had been so many hurdles to jump over but by golly, he had lost those unhealthy 85 pounds. He didn't miss those unwanted pounds but he found that he suddenly missed how he used to feel when he was able to eat anything that he wanted, and as much as he wanted.

But - the splurge was only for one night.

Tomorrow he would watch his diet because he didn't want to regain that lost weight.

The following day he awoke still feeling happy. He dressed in his much-thinner outfit and admired his thinner shape in the dresser mirror of his bedroom. But my, he looked spiffy. And thin. Perhaps too thin.

On the way to work he pulled off the road and into the drive-through window of his favorite old bakery. They had the best doughnuts in town. He wanted to perform a personal test - just to see if those doughnuts were really as good as he remembered them in his former state of obesity. So he ordered a couple and a few minutes later he thought they tasted even better now than they had back then.

When lunch time arrived, Phil decided to lunch with his co-workers. He had been dining at work in the break room amid his weight loss plan, bringing his lunch from home.

It felt so good - so right to be able to visit personally with his friends. He found that he had missed this over the last several months.

Today they were dining at one of Phil's favorite Italian restaurants. Again, he decided to let loose and order what he wanted. Besides, he had looked a bit too thin this morning.

Over the next few weeks, Phil just couldn't get out of the celebratory mood that he was locked inside of. His new thinner clothing didn't fit anymore and he had to dig his old duds out of the bag which he had intended to take to the donation center.

Finally, another month passed and Phil decided to weigh. There was no doubt that he had put on pounds - and he wanted to find out how many. It was time to get back on track with his diet.

When he stepped onto the bathroom scales they registered 90 pounds over his thin weight. His spirits sunk. What had he done to himself? Now he had to lose those 85 pounds again plus 5 more unwanted pounds.

Phil shook his head. He couldn't do it; he was exhausted with dieting.

He would have to wait until another time. Right now, he needed to regroup. And all because he was a bit too free in celebrating his weight loss success.

He had made the mistake of getting back inside of the Weight Gain Circle and it was one crazy ride.

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