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Identifying Diet Hot Spots & Trouble Areas
Within Your Weight Loss Plan
Relationship Issues & Weight Loss  

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Areas in your weight loss plan that can stand improvement to speed your results.

Determine how you plan to handle the following Diet Hot Spots should they transpire during Diet Time. Your answers will help you know what to expect along the way, and they will help you devise an effective mode of strategy for weight loss.

Are there any holidays or special celebrations in your near future? If so, how do you plan to handle the food-aspect of the event?

Most dieters encounter a weight loss plateau. How do you plan to work through this type situation?

If you are presented with a life-changing event such as marriage, a baby in the family, a change in jobs - how will this effect your weight loss plan? How will you deal with the change in regards to your weight loss plan?

During those times when you feel like you may be losing motivation for weight loss, how do you plan to revive your motivation?

Weight Loss Either Destroys or Strengthens Relationships

Do you fear that your partner's feelings will change about your relationship after you lose those unhealthy pounds? Let's talk a bit more about this because it is one of the more common concerns. So many relationships end because of issues associate with weight. A wife may leave her husband after she experiences a miraculous weight loss, the man's jealously so intense over her accomplishment that he becomes impossible to live with due to continuous verbal abuse.

A relationship may end with the man leaving the woman because she 'used to be thin' when they met and she has gained so much weight that she is now 'unacceptable' as a partner. Nothing about the woman has changed except her weight, yet the man can't get past those pounds. Obviously, true love never existed where the man was concerned, rather outward beauty and a great sense of 'like'. However, 'like and love' are two entirely different animals.

Both weight loss and weight gain influence an individual's partner.

The feeling may range from positive such as feeling great happiness over the weight loss accomplishment, or negative - including threatened by the weight loss accomplishment. I remember watching a talk show some years back where the host wanted this very overweight gentleman to lose those unhealthy pounds and she volunteered to assist him in doing such through a weight loss rehabilitation source. The wife was totally horrified; she said she didn't want him to lose weight.

I could see that she was frightened of losing him. He was an exceptionally handsome man with a million dollar personality whereas his wife was more of a plain Jane type of person who was overly possessive. He decided to accept the host's offer but the wife was obviously very angry and upset over his acceptance. She wasn't very nice to him and as he left with an individual to enter the program, his wife didn't even want to hug him. Her own selfishness stood in his way of a higher quality life with better health. It was very disturbing to watch, and sad.

The more positive news is that life-partners tend to stick together through thick and thin and most, well - they spend a lot of time discussing each other's feelings and concerns. The longer a couple stays together, the stronger they become in their relationship. And where true love exists, it overrides jealously - with the partner wanting only the best for their partner, especially good health and a longer life.

In Summary

If you feel that your partner will be greatly impacted by your weight loss, it might be a good idea to sit down with them in a room (not the bedroom) and discuss what you want to accomplish, and what impact your weight loss will have on your partner. From there, you can figure out how you'll both handle the situation when it arises.

Make it a point to assure them that they have 100% of your love - and that you'll be the same person that you are now after you lose the weight, only thinner.

Impress upon them that you don't want to experience any form of mistrust or expressions of jealously once the weight starts coming off.

Even asking for their assistance can help in a tremendous way - as they will have a part in sharing your success.

Talking it out can gain partner support which can enhance the weight loss experience. 

And having an ideal of how both the dieter and the partner feel about the situation - and particularly having an idea of what to expect - helps keep the weight loss process in prospective and in-focus.

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