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Monitoring Weight Loss Progress

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Checking up on your progress can fuel your diet plan.

Monitoring your weight loss progress can generate quick weight loss. Here are a few reasons why:

- You'll see how fast you're losing weight - and that in itself is a Diet Energizer that has nothing to do with a bunny - although you may feel like one lately with all the greenery, carrots and celery that you're eating.

The Deadlocked Diet

- You'll know if your diet plan is working - or if it's deadlocked.

And if it's deadlocked - you know what you do. It's time for that backup plan to move into the game and shake things up, specifically your weighing scales.

- If your diet plan is deadlocked, you'll be able to better make adjustments for weight loss. On top of the backup plan, make certain that you're getting in those important minutes of exercise as well as those forty winks of sleep. Both are equally important to your weight loss success - although doing the forty winks is a whole lot easier.

Monitoring Your Progress to Ensure Success

- Monitoring your Weight Loss Progress will help keep you on track and excited about losing weight. Once you see those pounds gone, you aren't going to want to run to your pantry and dig out your partner's stash of doughnuts. You're going to want to continue on your plan and lose even more unhealthy pounds.

- It's also a great idea to predetermine how you plan to monitor your weight loss progress. You can do it using several modes such as a daily or weekly journal that tracks your weight as well as the food you consumed. You can tell by a glance if the diet is working effectively - and you'll see which days rendered the most success. Look at those foods; these may be key to losing more weight and perhaps they should be the star more often on your weight loss menus.

- You'll also be able to monitor your progress through a simple weigh-in. But how often do you plan to weigh? Once per day, ideally in the morning before you consume eat or drink. Once per week? You'll want to establish some sort of plan in regards to this because it's your best indicator of what is working and what is not - as well as if you need to make some adjustments.

Do you plan to reward yourself for your achievements of weight loss for every few pounds as you journey to your final weight loss goal? How do you plan to reward yourself?

How to Choose a Healthy, Effective Weight Loss Plan

By choosing a healthy daily diet you'll be consuming less calories that contained in your current diet plan. You'll be more informed about the food choices that you put onto your Diet Plate. If you are physically active, you will be more apt to not only lose those unhealthy pounds quicker, but you'll also be more apt to attain and maintain a healthy weight while reducing your risk of chronic illnesses and diseases, thus promoting your quality of life and your overall health.

Let's review some tips for making the best choice where your new daily diet is concerned because it will be the most influencing factor in your weight loss plan in ridding your body of those unhealthy pounds.

- Emphasize fruits, vegetables, whole grains and reduced fat daily products in your daily diet.

- Be sure to include proteins that satisfy appetite and build muscles such as lean meats, poultry, fish, lean pork, eggs and beans.

- Monitor the cholesterol content, sodium (salt) content, sugar content and the saturated fats; avoid Trans fats totally.

- If you are dealing with a chronic health matter, you'll need your health care provider to assist you in building your healthy daily plate.

In Summary

- Make wise choices from the Food Groups to 'plate on your daily plate'. When making your choices, determine which foods contain the highest nutritional values.

Be sure to stay within your caloric needs - and the total value would equal the number of calories required to support your recommended or ideal weight.

- Balance your energy (calories) via your daily diet and physical activity. Get ample relaxation and find something that you enjoy doing that will add a sense of joy to your day - something that you can look forward to doing.

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