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Weight Loss Motivation: Identifying Diet Spirit

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Looking Within for Weight Loss Solutions

Knowing that you have a special place to gather strength, stamina, encouragement, willpower and desire is an important element in the Weight Loss Puzzle.

Meditation, daily devotions, prayer - all of these spiritual elements can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Get in touch with your Diet Spirit by asking yourself the following questions. How you answer should help you as you enter into the weight loss phase. 

What do you plan to do should you become concerned about going off your diet plan?

When you first start your weight loss plan, you may try to convince yourself that you're going to lose all that unhealthy weight - and never have to diet again. This is the absolute best spot to be and you are less apt to even consider going off your diet.

But if that happens - before you go off your diet plan, take time to think first about what you've accomplished thus far. Think about how you feel physically. Think about how you may have improved in appearance if you've lost weight. Recount the number of pounds that you've lost thus far.

Also think of why you're being tempted to quit your weight loss plan. Are you currently hungry? Are you feeling frustrated because your weight loss efforts have stalled? Do you feel stressed - like losing weight is just too difficult?

If you're currently hungry - then this is likely to follow if you ditch your diet. You'll run and collect as many and as much of your favorite foods and drinks that you can and you'll eat them all. You'll then feel happy because you're enjoying all those favorite foods and drinks. Then after your brain tells your stomach that you're full, you're going to feel absolutely miserable. You'll probably feel guilty, too. You may even attempt to cover up that guilt by reaching for more of those favorite foods.

You may continue ignoring the guilty feelings for the next several days - or even the next few weeks and months. But at some point, you're going to regret quitting your diet plan. Keep in mind that quitters never win. And when it comes to unhealthy pounds, you need to win this battle.

Do you believe in yourself - that you're able to win the weight loss battle?

Have faith in yourself; if you have a lot of pounds to lose - while it may seem that the amount of weight to lose is overwhelming - it can be accomplished. Try breaking things down into more simple groups. For example, if you have fifty pounds to lose, set your first goal for ten pounds. Set your next goal at fifteen pounds. By the end of one month - you may have accomplished both goals, and hey - you're halfway there.

In times of doubt, how will you gather courage?

While at times we have faith, we may lack courage. But where weight loss is concerned we can't count on faith to get the job done. We have to reach down deep inside of ourselves and do the work. Let's see how Dieter Delta handled her weight loss plan when she hit a stone in the path.

Delta had all the faith in the world that she would lose the weight as she was dedicated to doing such.

Then one day the holidays rolled around and her boss ordered several baskets of holiday goodies so that the workers could enjoy them over the next few weeks.

The baskets contained a variety of things: scones, cookies with sprinkles and nuts and yes, colored icing, baklava, holiday breads, holiday spreads, chocolates and nuts. T

here was even a big basket of assorted fruits.

While her holiday workers focused on the sugary goodies, Delta fell back on her spirit of faith.

She still had faith that she would lose the weight; she used her faith to boost her courage and rather than reaching into the baskets filled with those sweet sugary goodies, she reached into that healthier basket of sweet fruit.

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