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Section 4 - Identifying Perfect Exercises & Activities

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Solutions for getting the most out of your weight loss plan.

Are you on a new weight loss plan and you want to add a healthy dose of activity to your schedule, but you're not sure which activity will work best? We have some suggestions that can assist.

1. Choose the time(s) of day that best allows for activity:

a. Morning: This is one of the best times of the day to get up and get moving. You're fresh from your overnight's rest - and ready to go. An added plus is that if you enjoy exercising in the morning, this will work out great if you can fit it into your summer schedule because you'll be avoiding those hotter rays of the sun that occur later in the day.

b. Afternoon: If time allows better for embracing activity in the afternoon, be sure to apply the sunscreen - no matter what time of the year. Even when you're exercising the shade, the strong and damaging rays of the sun snake through.

c. Early or Late Evening: If your exercise time is later in the day be very particular where you work out. Do such in a safe environment - away from road traffic.

2. Choose the best answer(s).

a. I tend to enjoy sports. If this is your best response - then you have a regular wardrobe of activity to choose from.

b. I tend to enjoy the arts. This is a great opportunity to get in some activity by visiting museums. You can enjoy the art while you get in that healthy dose of exercise. You'll need to pick up the pace later with a brisk walk to receive the best of heart healthy benefits - but the point is, any type of movement is excellent for the body.

c. I tend to enjoy nature. If you haven't already, then you'll want to visit the state parks in your area. Hiking is a great activity for nature lovers because you walk every day - and it's something that you can continue throughout your lifetime.

d. I tend to enjoy the night life. Then it might be time for a little Saturday night fever. Dancing might be your cup of tea.

e. I tend to enjoy playing with my kids or grand kids. No doubt - you'll get a good workout where little ones are involved. Consider some activities that you can include the kids with - such as visiting your local zoo or the state parks and museums that we mentioned above.

f. I tend to like events involving water. Then swimming might make an excellent activity to pair with your new weight loss plan.

3. Choose the best answer(s).

a. I tend to tire easily during activity.

If you are just starting an exercise plan and you've been dormant for quite some time, then it's naturally going to take some time to strengthen your endurance level.

If you're restricting your daily diet too severely, you may not be getting adequate nutritional needs. While dieting you should take a multi-vitamin as a back-up for those all-so-important vitamins and minerals.

If you keep feeling tired, you'll need to touch base with your doctor. Be sure to discuss your chosen weight loss plan while you're there.

b. I can enjoy limited activity - about 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Hey - that's not a bad answer. If you'll stick to that each and every day you'll be reaping some significant weight loss results when you pair that activity with your healthy daily diet.

c. I am confined to a wheelchair or am otherwise immobile.

This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy exercise. In fact, you need your healthy dose now more than ever. Get with your doctor and ask which exercise are safe for you to perform.

Exercise can even target certain areas of the body that might be currently weak and strengthen them.

d. I have no problem with pacing myself during exercise. Then you need to get in touch with your doctor if you're truly feeling this weak.

Don't push yourself as often feeling this tired can be a symptoms of an underlying health condition such as heart disease or diabetes.

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