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Section 3 - Identifying Favorite Foods
Creating Perfect Diet Menus & Snacks
Twenty Questions To a Better Daily Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Defining pitfalls and strong points in your weight loss plan.

Let's do a bit of self-analysis that can assist in pinpointing and identifying trouble spots in your weight loss plan.

Determining these hot spots can assist greatly as you continue down the road to weight loss success, making your journey more prosperous in the area of lost pounds, as well as easier to accomplish.

Which Times During Your Day Are Most Tempting While Dieting?

1. Choose the time(s) of day that's most difficult for you to avoid food when dieting, then view this Diet Bites article for tips.

a. Morning: This is generally not an issue while dieting as not many dieters are tempted to chow down during the morning hours. In fact, it's more of an issue to get dieters to take time to eat breakfast. Many feel like once they begin eating, they'll eat more throughout the day. Health studies indicate otherwise; individuals who are at their recommended weight tend to eat a hearty breakfast.

b. Afternoon: Grab a piece of fresh fruit as well as a cup of tea or coffee to recharge. Dinner isn't that far away. You can make it until then.

c. Early Evening: We're almost at meal time - just a bit further to go. Plan now - about what you wish to eat at meal time and look forward to doing such.

d. Late Evening: Now here we go; this is the second most popular time of the day in which dieters find it difficult to control their munchies. If you find this to be your personal situation, aim to eat a healthy dinner and be done with food until the morrow.

e. All Day: This is the issue with some individuals and if the appetite cannot be controlled, then a professional should be seen for remedy. All day eating and snacking leads to morbid obesity issues and should be taken very seriously.

2. What foods are your major weaknesses?

Choose as many as apply, see this Diet Bites article for savvy weight loss guidance.

a. Sweets - candy, cookies, cakes, pies: Then you have a Sweet Tooth, too. When nothing but a sweet will do, look to fresh sweet fruit. But if it must come from the bakery, look for the tiny cookies that are modest in caloric content.

b. Breads, Potatoes & Pasta: A rice or popcorn cake might do the trick to stymie Mister Appetite if it's not meal time.

Don't allow Mister Appetite to turn into Mister Appetizer - and that's disconcerting if we're not into the meal hour. If we are, aim for the whole grains which can keep Mister Appetite more satisfied.

c. Gravies & Sauces: Easy-pleasy on the sauces and gravy or it will end up on more than your shirt.

d. Cheese: Go ape for the reduced fat versions and save calories and dietary fat grams.

e. Butter, Oils & Nuts: These flavorful lovelies are 100% pure-D fat. Watch them well and make sure that you're the one inviting them onto your plate rather than vice-versa. These guys have a way of sliding in unexpectedly in your weight loss plan.

f. Proteins - all animal proteins: Try shifting to a healthier focus by getting in touch with plant proteins; healthy nuts, beans and lentils can fuel your body while saving grief to a living thing.

Describe Your Personality

3. Answer the question, "My personality tends to be:" and then view here.

a. Hyper-active: You may do well by taking a brisk walk or in performing another rigorous task before meal time so that you'll exercise that hyper-ness on healthy benefits rather than exercising it by eating and drinking too much amid your meal.

b. Low Key or Even Tempered: Put on some music and enjoy your meal.

c. I am very moody and unpredictable and at times, depressed. Particularly when dieting.

If this sounds familiar, add a good dose of prunes to your daily diet - and grab onto a bit of cheer. Dieting is never fun, but weight loss sure is - and that's just one of the fun benefits from dieting that you're apt to receive. You work for the reward; you earn the reward; no one can take it away.

As a note, if you're feeling depressed as in 'clinically' depressed, that is something much more serious that just being down in the dumps over your weight. A professional is necessary at this point to remedy your depressed state.

How do you react during special occasions when dieting?

4. When holidays and special occasions occur, I tend to: (view here after answering)

a. Eat whatever I want to enjoy. This isn't a great way to lose weight - so you'll benefit by becoming a selective type of guy or gal when it comes to decorating your Daily Plate. Those Food Groups are so colorful, too.

b. Eat whatever I want to enjoy, then watch my diet closely for the next few days. This is an excellent way to approach these types of situations.

c. Choose a few things that I really like to enjoy. This is another great method for keeping tabs on your weight.

d. I tend to stick with my diet plan in this type situation. Ahh, this is absolutely fabulous. Stick to this method and you'll be inviting Mister Health along for the ride home.

If you would like to continue this questionnaire, you can do such here.

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