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Weight Loss - Phase X - Celebrating Success!

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: It's time to let loose and celebrate achieving your weight loss goals...

If you have achieved weight loss success then congratulations are certainly in order. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.

Your next goal is to of course, keep that lost weight from returning. This phase may prove just as challenging as your official weight loss plan - but you have some so far and you can certainly achieve this.

It's important to never forget what you have learned through your weight loss accomplishments and the things that you learned about yourself while you were dieting. This knowledge will help ensure that you never have to go on a diet again.

It's vital that you keep maintaining your exercise program along with your new diet menus.

At the beginning, you can add a few more calories per day if you have been on a restricted calorie diet for weight loss.

Be very cautious about adding too many because weight gain doesn't always instantly reflect itself on the bathroom scales. It generally takes a day or two to register - but register it will if you insert an overage of calories into your daily diet.

If you go out to eat at your favorite restaurant or fast food eatery, you know what to do at this point. Either request a nutrition guide from your waiter OR know before you go the number of calories contained in the food you plan to order. Almost all commercial restaurants have their nutritional guide posted online for your convenience.

While the amount of dietary fat content matters in the overall scheme of good health versus bad health, our weight is based on calories. The body recognizes these as little drops of energy. It doesn't registered weight on the amount of carbohydrate grams, fat grams, sugar grams, dietary fiber grams or cholesterol that we consume - rather specifically on our caloric intake.

Stored Excess Energy Equals Weight Gain

When we consume more calories than our body uses per day, the result will always be storage of the energy in our fat cells, thus triggering weight gain on our bathroom scales.

And while you're dining, you know by now what to be mindful of regarding your plate. You know that adding sauces, dips, gravy and dressings add significant calories to your meal. Even when they are of low fat or reduced fat origins - the calories contained therein can add up very swiftly.

You also know that if your food is coated in a batter that it is more likely than not to have taken a bath in a pot or pit of oil. You know that it will naturally contain more fat grams as well as more carbohydrates and calories than if the food had been prepared with kinder, less aggressive cooking methods - including grilling, boiling, broiling, oven or pan roasting and steaming.

By now you also know that if your food is extreme in sodium content that it can blow up your hips, tummy and bathroom scales due to false weight gain. It's like a gift from Mother Nature at the wrong time of the month. And it may take a few days for all of the retained water - compliments of excess sodium, decides to dissipate.

Being a smart dieter, you know that you're much better off using herbs as seasonings for your food as they are minimal in calories and won't swell you up to size hippo.

As to your beverages, you know to avoid those laced with too much sugar content. And oh those spooky desserts - we all know that spelled backwards it's 'stressed'. Don't stress-out on the desserts.

In Summary

You've come very far; you've managed to pull off those unhealthy pounds and you are actually a brand new you.

And you not only look different on the outside - but also on the interior. If you could only see all of the healthy things that are going on within your body since the weight came off.

Then again, we're probably better off just accepting that better level of health as some of us have very sensitive tummies.

Good luck and congratulations on your weight loss success. We hope that you'll continue to read Diet Bites as you enter into your phase of weight maintenance.

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