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Weight Loss - Phase VIII - Potential Blockades

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: There will be things to block the way to weight loss success.

Let's discuss potential events and moments that sometimes block our Path to Weight Loss Success:

- Holidays/celebration moments - they are just that, moments. And if we think about it, eating and drinking our breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks only requires a few minutes each.

But oh boy - can those few minutes land us in big trouble where our weight and our good health is involved. We pack on pounds as we pack food and drink into our mouth.

If you are experiencing weight gain due to overeating amid meal times as well as scheduled snack times, try to curb your appetite and stick to single helpings. Cut out snacks or make wiser choices.

On the other hand, if you find that you are continually eating anything that you want throughout the day and as much as you want, please listen - because I once did the same almost two decades ago before my massive weight loss success. I was literally digging an early grave for myself using my mouth as the grave and a spoon as my shovel.

Don't do this. Get in touch with reality - and quit using food and drink as a crutch.

I know how it works, unlike most weight loss gurus who have never been fat. I have lived through the ordeal myself; and no - it's not easy to overcome obesity or a food addiction. But I'm telling you that if you don't make an effort and if you continuing eating anything and everything in sight, then eventually you'll break your bank account along with the breakdown of your health and your body frame.

- Office functions and party celebration events are generally mined with goodies that are hard to resist.

When the company or the boss foots the bill for the meal, it's generally top class. We may visit restaurants that we've never been too that exhibit fine dining like we've never seen the likes of before in our life. Don't go ape - and stick to the healthy choices on the menu.

- Fast food dining is what Diet Bites refers to as Night Owl Dining.

As your body is winding down for the day, it might say this if it had a voice in the matter, "Look - I don't give a hoot about eating anything right now; my metabolism has been overworked for the day as it is; I'm tired - it's time to get into bed. Don't be a jackwagon. I don't need more pounds added to my-already too-heavy body frame."

- Another hot spot for weight gain is at the movies -starring your favorite star & featuring hot buttered popcorn for only a gazillion calories.

Eat before you go because even that small popcorn with the hot butter on top isn't kind where dietary fat grams and caloric values are concerned.

- Weight Loss Plateaus are infamous blockades even to the most dedicated and motivated dieter.

The good thing is that they don't last forever. Stick to your weight loss goals amid the plateau and you will reap generous rewards in the area of lost pounds.

- Medical reasons including pregnancy, breastfeeding as well as other family member illnesses can jack-knife the best of weight loss plans.

Let how to deal in a positive manner with stress. We tend to over-blow most situations, so be certain that you're looking at the situation in a realistic manner. Things aren't always as bad as they seem - but sometimes they really can be. Save that overload of stress for the 'can be' moments.

- The inability to prepare personal meals generally impacts teens wanting to trim down, senior citizens and dieting spouses.

If you're a teen, discuss this with your parents who might readily assist you in trimming off the weight. If you're dieting and your spouse isn't and you're not in charge of the kitchen, it might be time to do some volunteer work.

- When the daily diet becomes boring it become a big blockade in the weight loss scheme of things.

It's at this point where you'll want to experiment with new, low calorie recipes, techniques and cooking methods. Dust off your grill; grilled everything tastes much differently than the same foods when they have been boiled, oven roasted, broiled and baked.

- Finally, that old sluggish metabolism is a kicker when it comes to blockades.

And if you do kick, it will only hurt your hammertoe. It's time to add a healthy dose of activity to your daily routine - because that alone will boost your metabolic rate.

In addition, don't skip healthy snack time. Again - this is yet another metabolism booster.

In Summary: When you meet those blockades along your journey to weight loss success, face them with all your might and all your willpower because you don't want your adventure to end in diet failure.

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