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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Carefully taking stock of the success your weight loss or diet plan brings is simply - smart.

How many times have you went on a trip, then at some point along the journey you pulled out a map to see where you were?  

Some of us are better navigators than others.  

For example, with my husband Tom and I - whenever he asks me which direction to go, he takes the opposite direction that I tell him. Yes, I'll admit - I'm a poor road navigator and would not think of setting out without carefully and correctly mapping out my journey. To do such would be inviting disaster - and who wants to be lost? And particularly when one is dieting.

While I'm very poor at navigating road maps, I shine when it comes to assisting others in mapping out their weight loss journey. Where we fail in one area, we can certainly shine in others - thankfully.

Let's put our thinking caps on and see how losing weight is much like following a mapped journey by vehicle. By the way, the dieter represents the vehicle; the road represents time. The obstacles are things that are common to every dieter. Let's review some of those more common obstacles, shall we - as well as solutions to assist the dieter in removing them.

Common Obstacles on the Path to Weight Loss Success

Like a road map, there will be areas under 'construction' while you're traveling on your journey. You may have to take another route to get around the construction area. To the dieters, construction areas tend to represent 'weight loss plateaus'. Our body experiences them while we are dieting; while some dieters will only experience one or two weight loss plateaus, others may face several. For about every twenty pounds that you have to lose, you should expect to encounter a weight loss plateau.

So what is this plateau thing? When you encounter the great plateau, your rate of weight loss will drastically slow down or it may halt all-together. This is the body's way of catching up with your weight loss results - the necessary time that it requires to put our weight into balance, as well as to process all of those wonderful healthy new things that we've been doing which is promoting a higher level of health. It's all good - except the stalling-out part. Be patient and weight loss will return in a fury.

The dieter often encounters temptation via scents and sights of their favorite foods. Let's be frank. If you enjoy hot buttered popcorn - and who doesn't, when you go to the movie theater, it's very difficult to resist. If you're dieting, it's double-dang-hard to resist running to the concession counter, grabbing the Godzilla-sized bucket and telling the clerk to dump one pint of liquid butter on top. Therefore, plan ahead before going to the movies - as well as with any activity that you might enjoy which involves food or heavy snacking.

A solution might be to eat something that you like before going into the theater. Or if you're at home for that movie, it might mean nibbling on a few pretzels, fresh fruit such as grapes which take a lot of nibbling to get through - or even a serving of calorie friendly popcorn.

While you are losing weight to obtain a healthier body, unfortunately you might fall ill while dieting.

Our immunity tends to decrease when we're dieting - so be sure to supplement your daily diet with a multi-vitamin during this time. Our immunity decreases because we're not getting ample vitamins and nutrients a lot of times in our new diet plan.

When the dieter falls ill amid their weight loss plan, they seek comfort. Most overweight individuals are used to associating comfort with food. It might be a cup of hot chicken soup. It might be a few crackers to calm a nervous or sick tummy - or a serving of soda. And if the dieter is really sick, they may even crave a platter of full-blown enchiladas. With cheesecake drizzled with dark chocolate on the side. And more full-blown soda.

Smart dieters stick to the chicken soup and crackers because they realize that too much comfort can make their weight loss plan very uncomfortable.

Whatever pitfalls, hurdles or blockades that you encounter while losing weight - search for solutions to solve them so that you can march forward on your weight loss journey.

There may be tons of oil pits as well as sugar dips in the trail; there will be challenges and temptations on all corners.

But the solution shouldn't be the easy way out - the 'It's too hard so I'm quitting my weight loss plan." Instead, use your logic, use your dieting senseand keep marching forward. You'll be glad that you did.

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