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Weight Loss - Phase VI - Spirituality

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Using your spiritual inner peace to conquer weight gain.

Spirituality is the soul of dieting. Like the human soul, the Diet Soul cannot be seen, but it can be felt. This important phase can help a dieter pass successfully through some of their most trying moments while attempting to lose those unhealthy pounds.

Whatever your belief, we encourage dieters to take comfort, as well as gain courage, strength and inspiration while losing weight by basking in their spirituality.

The Spirit of Weight Loss Success

Now let's discuss a totally different type of spirit. Whenever we feel spirited about something, we tend to feel motivated. Often times, we set aside all of our other feelings when we're lodged in this moment - and our only thought, our only focus is to deal with the issue before us.

It not necessarily be a formidable foe or issue before us. What we face might even be something that brings us joy. And when this is the case, we tend to enjoy the moment - that spirit of the moment.

Let's take a deeper look at Dieter Emily to see how she handled different moments involving the spirit of weight loss success.

When Emily struck out on her diet plan she had need of losing 47 pounds. She had only three short months before her High School Reunion - and she wanted to attend the event at a much slimmer size - at her recommended weight. And she was determined to succeed. Because she has an event in front of her - she has a motivating factor that will assist in keeping her motivated. Right now, she's in the spirit of diet motivation.

On this note, when you are trying to lose weight - try to set up either a moment, a reward or even a date on your personal calendar that will motivate you to lose weight.

It's a good idea to set goals that aren't too far apart. A shorter window of time is much easier to manage than a long stretch.

Let's get back to Emily. It's been almost a month at this point that she has spent losing weight and she has been very successful. Thus far, she has lost seventeen pounds. She only has thirty more to go - and there are two months left before her High School Reunion.

But over the span of the last few days, her rate of weight loss has suddenly stagnated. She hasn't lost a single ounce in days - and she makes it a point to weigh each morning before she eats breakfast, before she drinks her morning cup of coffee. After researching Diet Bites she is able to pinpoint her problem; she has stumbled onto a weight loss plateau.

Now Emily grabs onto her spirit of determination. There is nothing that is going to stand in her way of losing weight and meeting her weight loss goals. She picks-up her activity level. She stays true to her weight loss plan and her healthy daily diet. Each day for the next five days, she still experiences zero rate of weight loss. Then on the sixth day she reaps those weight loss rewards by dropping three pounds.

After another month passes, Emily drops fifteen more pounds.

Now she only has fifteen more to go before she reaches her goal. She visits her favorite fashion shop and picks out a darling outfit to wear to the upcoming event. She opts to get two sizes smaller than her current size to accommodate her body after that additional fifteen pounds are gone. Right now, she is experiencing the spirit of faith in herself - faith that she will achieve what she is setting out to accomplish.

Emily goes on to do just that. She bypasses those tempting favorite foods and beverages. She continues working hard on her exercise plan. And one week before her High School Reunion, all of that unwanted weight is gone - almost 50 pounds worth. That's like telling five, ten pound bags of potatoes to take a hike!

Like Emily, when you're on a weight loss plan you-too can grab onto your different types of spirited moods to beat overweight and to lose those unhealthy pounds.

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