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Written by Diet Bites

Diet Article: It's time to begin your weight loss process.

The longer that an individual ponders and dreams about losing weight, the longer the process takes.

In my Diet Past, I've at times spent months thinking about losing weight. If I'd just forged ahead on a smart diet plan - then I would have already lost the weight rather than have remained stressed about the ordeal.

And while you're thinking about needing to lose weight - it's not a good feeling. I felt miserable most of my Fat Life, because I was continually thinking about losing weight. I was always worried about what I weighed, the health risks and so forth. If I was going to feel miserable anyway, I would have been better simply going on a diet.

Miserable? Well, The Wickedly Good Diet Plan hopes to erase that typical misery associated with dieting by providing a pattern for weight loss.  

Before we turn another golden electronic page in your little black diet book, we must address an important issue because we care about you and desire your weight loss success because if you don't succeed - we have therefore wasted our time in writing The Wickedly Good Diet Plan.

Our Recommendations Before Beginning ANY Diet Plan

Before undertaking any weight loss plan, you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor to get their approval. Why so?

There are many reasons, all based on your health. In some instances, the doctor is able to provide a reason for the extra weight - such as thyroid, diabetes, pregnancy - or even allergies. And on that note, if you are pregnant, nursing, ill, under a significant level of stress, are in your teen years - then wait until this phase of your life is over before going on any diet that is not prescribed by a qualified physician, dietitian or nutritionist.

If your doctor discovers a hidden reason for weight gain, or a medical problem, then a special diet may be required. You may require less salt, less fat, potassium adjustments and so forth.

Also keep in mind that all the material at Diet Bites is intended for informational purposes only and not as a substitute for medical advice.

Diet Bites Free Weight Loss Plan

On that note, are you ready to begin your weight loss adventure? Then click on this link and let's get started with the Diet Questionnaires. Use your back page function in your browser window to return to the questionnaire after you have read over the comments regarding your answer.

After you complete the questions, we suggest that you move on to the Weight Loss Phases. The Weight Loss Phases contain numerous links that deal with each phase of weight loss. We hope that you enjoy the Wickedly Good Diet Plan information, that it helps you with your weight loss goals, and that you'll share us with your friends and family. Previous Page

Our index of articles surrounding this free weight loss plan can be navigated below.

Before starting a new diet plan, be sure that you're ready to follow through until meeting your weight loss goals. Get that unwanted weight off - and keep it off for good. No more diets - that sounds like a great idea, doesn't it?

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