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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Weight Loss tips for our Wickedly Good Diet Plan

The Wickedly Good Diet Plan isn't a fad diet plan - it's a pattern for a life plan that we hope will add years to your life, will add joy to your life, will energize your life, and will change your life.

The Wickedly Good Diet Plan is based on the recommendations of the official food pyramid.  And as a note, any diet worth its salt is based on the food pyramid because what's the use of losing weight if you end up in an unhealthier state than before you began your diet?  Or, if you end up regaining your weight because without a diet plan in front of you, the weight swiftly returns?

In order for a diet to be successful we feel that it must have the following strengths:

- The diet is based on the official food pyramid.

- The diet plan recommends moderate activity paired with a reduction in calories in the daily diet.

- The diet plan contains no fewer than 1,250 calories per day. The more weight that a person needs to lose, the higher the daily calorie limit.

Example: Dieter Ron needs to lose 30 pounds - so a daily diet containing 1,250 calories makes a great base. Dieter John needs to lose 130 pounds, so a daily diet containing 1,700 calories might be required at the beginning of the diet. As time passes and John's weight drops, then daily calories can be adjusted.

So how much weight will you lose and how fast will you lose it on The Wickedly Good Diet Plan?  

Frankly, the speed of weight loss is something that NO ONE can predict. NO ONE can tell Dieter Susie that she'll lose 3 pounds per week on a diet plan. Any diet plan.

NO ONE can tell Dieter Susie how fast the weight will come off, either.


Because we're all different. Dieter Jill may pull off 10 pounds in two weeks while Dieter Fred loses only 2 pounds in the same amount of time. The amount of weight that a person loses, as well as the speed of weight loss is based on current weight, activity level, the gene pool, climate, stress levels, daily menu - and so forth.

Something else interesting? Even an individual's weight varies from week to week in regards to weight loss - due to the same factors as mentioned above. Simply put, you may even eat the same foods during week one and week two of your diet plan YET it is highly unlikely that you'll lose the exact amount of weight for both Week Totals.

BUT - we can provide a good guesstimate for The Wickedly Good Diet Plan.  

And for our guesstimate - we believe that an average of two pounds of weight lost per week is an ideal rate for weight loss.

Doesn't sound like much? Well, how about 104 pounds per year? Of course, if you don't have that much weight to lose, you'll enter into the Weight Management Phase - but we wanted to illustrate how two pounds adds up over time. And, we wanted to emphasize that no one can predict how much weight a person will lose on a particular diet OR the rate that the weight will come off.


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