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So how does the Free Wickedly Good Diet Work?  Just 3 Easy Steps.

Written by Diet Bites

Diet Article: The outline and backbone of our Wickedly Good Diet Plan; getting started on weight loss.

No registering, etcetera is ever required at Diet Bites. When we say free, we mean free. No hidden gates, either. Now onward and forward to our free diet plan.

The Wickedly Free Diet Plan focuses on three main steps leading to weight loss. Let's review the steps one at a time:

Our Dieting Questionnaires to Assist in Planning Your Diet

Step 1. We begin this diet plan with questionnaires that are intended to help identify your problem areas while traveling through the weight loss process.

Although the questionnaires are generic, your answers will instantly personalize each given situation - and your responses can assist you in obtaining your personal Diet Formula for weight loss.

The answers that you provide will hold an important key in opening the Door to Weight Loss Success. Start this section by clicking here.

Using Your Answers to Formulate a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Step 2. Next, we focus on what you have learned and determined in the questionnaires and we build on your personal Diet Formula. We do such by tackling the most common things that either make or break a weight loss plan with original articles that are intended to help you through those tough Diet Moments. Start this section by clicking here.

Adding Delicious Low Calorie Menus to Your Diet Plan

Step 3. Finally, we pull the diet plan together an example of a savvy diet menu located here that you can use as a pattern in planning your personal daily menus while dieting.

We have given this free diet plan our best effort in keeping it simple because losing weight can become so complicated that it gets frustrating. Once the diet becomes frustrating it just isn't much fun anymore and motivation tends to start dwindling quickly.

Losing Excess Pounds is a Step by Step Process

Step by step, we'll show you how to handle those common things that often end the weight loss process. It may something as simple as a particular holiday arriving on the scene.

Example: While Cupid delivered chocolate instead of flowers and Dieter Cindy ate the entire five pound box, this doesn't mean that she should discard her dreams of weight loss - which unfortunately she did. She felt like a total failure and convinced herself to believe, "What's the use? I'll never be thin anyway."

Or, the end of a weight loss plan may be something more serious - such as a life-changing event. It's very difficult to stay on track when we experience trauma in our lives - or unpleasant moments.

Keep in mind that the more you learn about the weight loss process AND the more motivated that you remain AND the more positive your state of mind  - the quicker as well as the easier the weight will come off.

You may not believe it, but weight loss can be an almost painless process. And that's one of our goals - to make the weight loss process easy, simple, fast, safe and FUN. click to continue | return to previous page

Diet Bites Original Motivational Weight Loss Quotes to Keep You On Track for Weight Loss

A diet begins in a moment, and it can also end in a moment.

We can spend time contemplating what we'd look like at a thinner size, we can speculate different reactions over our weight loss results from family and friends, we can plan what we'd do differently in our life if we were only thin - or we can spend our time losing weight and make our dreams, reality.

Thin may be the 'in thing' but the size of one's body can always be changed. It's what resides within that truly counts.

How badly do I want to lose weight? Do I want to lose weight more than I want that cookie? That cupcake? That slice of cheesecake? That second helping of mashed potatoes and gravy? Those full-blown enchiladas? Only you can decide.

A diet beginning can have a fairytale ending when one remains true to their weight loss goals.

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