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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Every good dieter needs a plan as a back-up for those 'just in case' moments.

Weight Loss Plan OR Diet Plan - are they the same?  

Although these two terms work hand in hand to generate a common goal of weight loss - they are as different as Diet Night and Diet Day.

So how is a Diet Plan and a Weight Loss Plan different?

A Weight Loss Plan monitors the overall success of weight loss that the individual experiences.  

A great Weight Loss Plan contains all the phases set forth in the Wickedly Good Diet Plan - including a savvy backup plan.

And of course, the focus of any weight loss plan is to lose weight and achieve recommended weight.

As to a diet plan - everyone in the world is on a daily diet and will be until they leave this earth.

A diet plan consists of the following elements:

- menu and daily meal planning
- assuring daily vitamin requirements are met
- mastering the adjustment of the daily diet to meet requirements for weight loss according to the 'new' body weight
- daily calorie consumption
- daily fat consumption
- meeting special dietary needs

If you would like to learn more about the Diet Plan and the Weight Loss Plan, we have set forth 10 Phases of weight loss in the Wickedly Good Diet Plan.  Phase 3 Weight Loss - Phase III - Your Diet Menu is dedicated to the Diet Planning focus of weight loss.

 Phase 7 Weight Loss - Phase VII - Monitoring Weight Loss Progresses is dedicated to the Weight Loss Plan.  

Why is it important to go on a weight loss plan?

If you are not at your recommended weight as determined by your doctor, those extra pounds are making themselves virtually known by increasing the size of your body. If you gain a little weight, you might look plump or well fed. If you gain a lot of weight you may lose the definition of your neck and knees in particular. You won't be able to define your collar bone by touching the skin as it will be sunk in a layer of fatty tissue.

Your fingers will swell to new proportions as will the feet. Shoes and rings that once fit, suddenly don't fit anymore. Your face will become puffy with weight gain. You will feel uncomfortable as you sit, stand or even when you rest in bed at times. You will be unable to move freely as you once did before the weight gain.

You will find that you experience more digestive issues and all of the discomfort that accompanies them - burping, trapped gas, pain in the abdomen, nausea and at times, diarrhea. These are all the unwanted rewards of a diet mined with too many calories and too much dietary fat.

There are numerous other side effects - all negative which are associated with weight gain.

Those pounds are weighing heavily on a body frame that was originally intended to hold much less weight. But we can't visualize the damage with our naked eye.

Our heart which was build to support a body that was x-size in weight is now struggling to do its job. It grows weaker and weaker as more and more weight is gained. Yet, we cannot see this with our naked eye.

Our vital organs aren't able to function properly anymore due to the adage of fat layers. And no - we can't see this negative effect on the human body, either.

If you have pounds to lose and are disappointed about how you look on the exterior, try to imagine how your interior might be looking these days. That might motivate you to get busy losing that weight while you can still preserve your good health.

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