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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Choosing an effective, doable weight loss plan that renders successful results.

Diets come, and diets go and where one stops, we'll never know. Oh the agony of Diet Defeat, but oh the joy of Weight Loss Success!

And if you are a Seeker of Weight Loss Success, as a Diet Bites reader, you are holding a gold mine of information that will help you defeat the Battle of the Bulge and move forward into the Land of Thindom.

If you haven't yet braved the Diet Fires, or if you are currently trying to lose weight, make a pack with yourself that the next diet that you go on will be your last diet. The Wickedly Good Diet Plan can help you accomplish just that.

Filled with diet tips, weight loss suggestions, tasty recipes, charts and more - the Wickedly Good Diet is your dieting kit, your new best friend, a pattern for weight loss success.

Think of it as your little black diet book filled with tempting sirens of info that look so Diet Bad you may wonder how in the blue devil that they can be so good.!

The Wickedly Good Diet Plan is filled with weight loss information from someone who has accomplished considerable weight loss.

With all the diets running amuck in the Diet Village, this diet is very different because

I have personally driven through the blazing desert of Diet Hades and after much hard work and dedication to losing those unwanted pounds, I raced over the Diet Finish Line - reached my weight loss goal, and ditched considerable weight along the way ( or is that weigh?) going on two decades ago - over 100 pounds to be exact-o.

And the weight has never come back to haunt me and I know that it never will.

When you want something done - do it right, and I finally got it right - although it took me so many times to do such.

There aren't many dieters who set out on Journey One and accomplish weight loss success. It tends to be an unfortunate ever-learning process and eventually, we can get it right and march forward to lose all that unwanted weight that is frankly weighing down our lives.

Through my dieting adventures, I learned much and now I am passing along that information to you in an effort to help you accomplish your weight loss goals much easier than I did.

I know what the overweight dieter feels - what they experience every day of their Fat Life. And I can show you a path to light the way to weight loss, to show you how to lose the unnecessary weight, quickly, simply and most importantly, safely. Forever. And ever. continue

Keeping Motivated For Weight Loss Success

Notice how motivated that you are at the beginning of your weight loss plan? You're probably very excited to get started losing weight.

You're happy because you know what the results will be - a thinner, healthier, more attractive you.

If only we could remain this motivated throughout the rest of our journey on the way to weight loss success.

But unfortunately, at some point the energy and drive has the potential to fade. We start to become tired of our activity program. We don't like the diet foods or recipes. Or, we may like them but we don't like the fact that we can't enjoy more food.

We feel sore a lot due to the exercising; we're a bit cranky over our limited menus at meal and snack times.

It's time to apply the brakes here! While there is a lot to whine about amid the weight loss process, let's switch the focus back to what we felt at the beginning of our weight loss plan.

Let's try to point out or identify the positive things that weight loss is bringing to our life:

- We feel more energized due to the healthier daily diet combined with activity.

- Our clothing is feeling a bit more loose these days; we don't feel bloated like we used to with our former daily diet. And come to think of it, we're not feeling heartburn and digestive upset like we used to, either.

- We're starting to feel more self-confident about how we look since losing weight.

All of the above positive things are a great turning point to review; we don't want to discard our weight loss plan - not when we've traveled so far.

Let's strive to move forward. No, it's not going to be easy, but you'll be a lot happier and healthier with that unwanted weight gone forever.

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