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Weight Loss During
Holidays & Special Occasions

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Losing weight amid the holidays.

Answer the following question by choosing any of the responses below that best fit your situation.

The question: When holidays and special occasions occur, I tend to:

a. Eat whatever I want to enjoy.

Strive to gain control during moments of celebrations and keep in mind that they are just that - moments. Place the focus on the spirit of the holiday rather than the feasting of the holiday.

It's not easy - resisting holiday eggnog, mince pie, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, chocolate cake and all those tiny little appetizers that look so....appetizing.

But we know what the reward will be if we overeat. The reward never changes. One would think that our food and drink might thank us from time to time for loving them so much, but not so. The reward for overeating and indulgence is unfortunately weight gain - each and every time that we do such.

If possible, take a low calorie, low fat recipe to the party or celebration that you'll enjoy and won't feel guilt when doing such. If that's not an option, choose the foods that you put into your tummy very wisely. It may also help to enjoy a very light meal before going to the event so that you won't arrived famished. There is nothing like a famished dieter when presented with a feasting table. The words 'control what you eat' aren't even in his or her vocabulary in this given situation.

b. I eat whatever I want to enjoy, then I watch my diet closely for the next few days.

If you can't resist treats and drinks at celebrations, then this is a great route to pursue after the event ends. Monitor your diet over the next several days. Try exchanging your usual dinner menu for a bowl of hot or cold cereal - or a serving of soup and whole grain crackers. Keep in mind that you enjoyed yourself immensely at the celebration - but now it's time to get back to work on your weight loss plan.

c. I tend to choose only a few things that I really like to enjoy eating.

Thus far, this is the best route to take, particularly if the individual is dieting and trying to lose pounds. Keeping selections to a minimum equals less calories and fat grams to process going forward - which equals minimal to no weight gain due to party time.

Do stay away from the spirit type beverages as alcohol is significant in caloric values. It's heck on the liver too. One never thinks that it will be their liver that gets attacked; I've lost a family member who thought exactly that. He left behind three kids, a wife and little granddaughter and died decades before his time - all because he assumed that he was immune to the effects of liquor.

And once the liver is gone, there's nothing that can save you other than a liver transplant - and even then, the procedure may prove too risky for the patient. Livers are a rare commodity and not to be 'wasted' on an individual who has a little-to-none chance of surviving the transplant procedure.

d. I tend to stick with my diet plan in this type situation.

You deserve a golden apple if this was your answer. This is the type of dedication and motivation that successful weight loss plans are made of. Given such, you're odds of following through and meeting all of your weight loss goals are very high.

You probably are a whiz at monitoring your current daily diet as well as balancing it with moderate exercise and relaxation.

Continue to keep motivated and good things will come in the way of stellar weight loss results.

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