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Weight Loss - Major Food Weaknesses

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Defining Your Pitfalls for Weight Loss Results

What foods are your major weaknesses?

a. Sweets - candy, cookies, cakes, pies
b. Breads, Potatoes & Pasta
c. Gravies & Sauces
d. Cheese
e. Butter, Oils & Nuts
f. Proteins - all meats

The best way to deal with foods that tend to be major weaknesses when trying to lose weight is to avoid them.

Don't purchase them; don't even acknowledge them. If you're shopping and you pass by those beloved chocolate cupcakes, keep on going even if they reach out and clutch their hot little hands to your legs.

Once home in your pantry, they won't stay there and you know that. They'll more likely end up on your hips, just as they did in the past. They're like little vampires; once you invite them into your home - your weight loss plan is basically doomed. Not even a wooden toothpick can help you now.

Eventually, you'll need to face these weaknesses because you'll want to conquer them. When you feel comfortable around these foods, plan BEFORE you eat. Know how much of the food that you are going to allow yourself to eat. Soon, with willpower and dedication to your diet you'll conquer your Diet Villains.  

As an example, let's say that you're planning to enjoy one chocolate cupcake in your diet menu today. For breakfast you'll enjoy your bowl of hot or cold whole grain cereal, your healthy selection of fresh fruit and your serving of reduced fat milk.

Rather than enjoying sour cream and cheese on your lunch tacos, you're going to double-up on the low calorie salsa. Bingo - there ya go; you now have room to add the chocolate cupcake. It's that easy - but you have to learn which foods to trade-out because something has to give. Otherwise, those 200 calories worth of chocolate cupcake are going you-know-where, and it's not going to be hip.

Here are a few more savvy suggestions that might be of help in conquering your food weaknesses. Substitute the suggestions for lower calorie foods and quick weight loss.

a. Exchange sweet desserts for fresh fruit.

Example: Dieter Gretta enjoys cookies but once she has one, she wants two, then another and another. Before she realizes what happens, the entire bag is empty. Gretta should try substituting a banana for the cookies - and only one banana.

b. Exchange breads, Potatoes & Pasta for whole grain goodness at meal time, and for snack time - opt for pretzels.

Example: Dieter Freddy loves bread - but not just bread, he enjoys a spread on his bread. At times it's butter and other times it's jam. And then other times it's peanut butter and jam.

Freddy should exchange the bread for pretzels when it's snack time but when it's meal time - he should grab the whole grain varieties of bread and pasta.

c. Broth-based gravy rather than milk-based gravy.

Example: Dieter Carl enjoys country gravy which has a milk-base. If he changes the country gravy for clear beef gravy or chicken gravy that has a chicken or beef base, he'll save calories and fat grams.

d. Exchange full blown cheese for reduced fat cheese.

String Cheese when the Cheese Mood Strikes makes a skinny snack for 50 calories per stick. Never give string cheese to small children because it may cause choking.

e. Change out butter for reduced fat margarine. When craving nuts, enjoy a serving of Post Grape Nuts instead.

f. When preparing meats, trim away all visible fats as well as the skin. Purchase the leanest cuts available. Try ground turkey instead of ground hamburger. Purchase light franks rather than the full-blown versions (no pun intended).

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