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Planning the Daily Menu Times to Eat
For Impressive Weight Loss Results

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet Article: Meal Planning can equal impressive weight loss results.

What time of day is the most difficult for you when it come to resisting eating?

Keep in mind that your answer should be based on the fact that you've already had breakfast or lunch or dinner.

By pinpointing the times that prove most difficult for you to resist eating, you can focus on these areas to build up your resistance as the time approaches.

For example, if Dieter Debra is having difficulty snacking in the morning, she should consider adding foods to her breakfast menu that hold longer satiety powers.

Rather than the breakfast tart she's been eating for breakfast, she should try a boiled egg and a slice of whole grain toast or a bowl of whole grain oats. Just these tiny changes can curb appetite and help Debra make it through the morning until her healthy lunch menu arrives.

On that note - here is the question: Choose the time(s) of day that's most difficult for you to avoid food when dieting.

a. Morning - This is actually the best time to eat during the day if you're going to steer a bit off track where you weight loss plan is concerned. You've got ample time to work off the calories during the day, and dieters who tend to enjoy eating more in the morning generally do very well losing weight.

But if the desire to snack or nibble carries over into the later hours of the day, that can spell Big Diet Trouble; it's guaranteed to stall the best of weight loss plans.

To remedy, we can use our suggestion for Dieter Debra. Building her breakfast on foods that are rich in protein and dietary fiber can assist in keeping her appetite more manageable when the munchies strike.

b. Afternoon - Grab a piece of fruit for quick energy and leave the fatty snacks behind.  Afternoon eating sometimes contributes to an afternoon lull, so keep sparky and remember that dinner arrives soon.

Note how you feel the next time that you enjoy your mid-day meal. It's common to experience a feeling of tiredness - like you want to take a quick nap so that you can revitalize - which isn't necessarily a bad thing unless you're at work or in the middle of a certain responsibility that you must complete.

This same 'feeling of needed rest' accompanies us every time that we eat a good-sized meal. In the morning, we've just awoken so it's less noticeable. In the evening, we generally react by sitting in the easy chair and relaxing. Because we're used to winding down later in the evening, we tend to associate this need to relax and rest with being tired from our day's work.

c. Early Evening - Careful, careful because the foods that are eaten late in the day are very difficult to burn off. Our bodies tend to wind down for the day, so train your diet to wind down with your body.

It's way too easy to toss our weight loss plan out the window and think, "I'll go back on my diet plan tomorrow. This evening, I just want to rest, to relax and enjoy some hot buttered popcorn and regular soda with my movie."

Yet, every time that we do this we're only making matters worse - with more weight to lose in the end. To remedy, plan ahead for that popcorn and a diet wise beverage in your caloric totals for the day.

d. Late Evening - Other than 'all day' this is the least desirable answer - but also the most popular answer among dieters and non-dieters alike. It's very hard not to eat after dinner, even when dinner is satisfying.

We tend to migrate to activities that we enjoy doing at the end of the day such as watching television.  And it's so hard not to grab that container of hot buttered popcorn for the big game.  

The bad news is that unless you are able to gain control of late evening snacking, you risk blowing your diet plan to smithereens. The diet advice given to the All Day dieter may be of help. Again, plan ahead for calories to be enjoyed later in the day if you find that you simply cannot resist.

e. All Day - Begin to search for foods that have long satiety powers - those foods that stick with you a long time. In addition, make an appointment with your doctor and explain that you continually feel hungry.

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