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Soda Tax Debate
Special Tax on Soda Unveils Political Ignorance
Rather Than Solving Obesity

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Soda Taxation Isn't the Answer to Solving Obesity

So the recent solution for some politicians these days for solving weight-related issues includes a special taxation on soda.

Diet Bites asks, 'Why soda?'

After all, anyone who knows anything about nutrition knows how ignorant this so-called solution for obesity is OR is this yet another tactic to rake-in more of our hard-earned cash to solve our politicians spending glut?


Let's look at the ignorance involved in this proposition for tackling obesity and weight gain by viewing the official facts:

- Weight gain occurs when an individual consumes more energy (calories) than their body needs. Excess energy (calories) is stored in the fat cells.

- Even the calories consumed from HEALTHY foods such as raw vegetables and fruit will trigger weight gain if calorie intake excess calorie needs. So let's not stop at soda, Mister & Ms Politicians. You'll need to go a step further by enforcing a special tax on every darn thing we eat.

- Although sugar can be high in calories, foods containing significant fat grams such as butter, healthy olive oil, fried foods, and bakery items present MORE of a health risk than sugar.

- Fact is, excess sodium intake also presents MORE health risks to the body than soda and we-Americans typically consume several times over the amount of sodium our bodies require (about 1 teaspoon per day).

- If eradicating soda was the answer to conquering obesity, then qualified scientists and health care givers would have announced such long ago.


When Ignorance Isn't Bliss


"Soda is responsible for the obesity epidemic. Taxing soda is the solution in conquering weight gain and obesity!

For example, 1 cup of soda contains about 140 calories and zero fat grams while healthy non-taxed foods like butter contain a skinny 1,728 calories and 184 fat grams per cup.

Yes sir, we politicians have a solution because you know, we're brilliant. We know about everything! Even about all things that are health-related! Good old taxation!! After all, we truly are experts in everything! Especially where taxes are concerned!!"


"Tax-free butter anyone? What about some full-blown cheese? Nuts? Bread? I know - ice cream? Sour cream? Bacon? Salad dressing? Mayo? What about an avocado? Cupcake? Pie? Olive oil? Hot buttered popcorn?

Oh - I know! Healthy palm oil!

Or, what about a healthy carrot? Or some peanut butter? Pizza?

No need to tax these items because they have absolutely nothing to do with weight gain and obesity issues. We know because we're politicians - and you know, we really do know everything."


Weight gain and obesity do not occur based on the types of foods consumed in the daily diet, rather the AMOUNT of calories consumed that are in excess of an individual's daily calories needs [those required by the body to sustain life and activity levels].

Even those calories that are contained in the healthy carrot will register as weight gain IF those energy values exceed an individual's daily calorie needs - with the excess becoming stored in those famous fat cell containers of the body.


There is a false conception that when calories are decreased in one area, weight loss will ensue.

But the body is much smarter than most people - and way smarter than ALL politicians - so let's give it credit. It's constantly balancing our energy intake to achieve a fairly balanced weight unlike politicians who can't even balance a budget. And we want these dolts fingering with our daily diet? Not I!

We need look no further than in individuals who are currently overweight who opt for diet soda. For those that switch, there is rarely a decrease in weight.

The body makes-up the calories in other areas of the diet, at times the individual feeling as if they can eat more of another food because they have cut-out soda calories. For permanent weight loss, an individual who is significantly overweight must do much more than make a few changes to their daily diet and activity routine.

What will be the next food to experience a special tax? Eggs - they're notorious when it comes to cholesterol content, and that's no yolk.

While we're at it - let's get the REAL TRUTH involving sodas and school lunches. Below are the menus from our local elementary schools.

Grilled cheese sandwiches? Nachos supreme? Pizza? Cheeseburgers? Hot Pockets? Pigs in Blankets? Cheese enchiladas? And we're worried about soda consumption?

At least the sodas are fat free with scant sodium content.

Example of School Menu

Weight Loss Plan


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