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How to Trim Calories From
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Weight Loss Tips Based on Current Daily Diet

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Preparing Yourself & Your Daily Diet for Weight Loss Success

My daddy didn't enjoy anything more in life than eating and gardening, and the two went hand-in-hand, and in his case - hand-to-mouth.

I remember one holiday in particular when he had loaded his plate so high that we could barely see his face and my brother asked him in a sardonic tone, "Would you like a shovel?"

Before long, I needed a shovel too - something that you're probably aware of if you have followed Diet Bites over the years.  

Yes indeedy, I lost substantial weight - more than one hundred and twenty-five pounds so many, many years ago.

Permanent Weight Loss is Yours, If you Seek to Lose

Permanent weight loss is something that you-too can achieve and I'm here to provide you with as much encouragement as possible. No matter what you weigh, you can lose those extra pounds and take control of your daily diet, your health and the path you want to follow for your future.

Unlike most weight loss gurus and health experts who have never experienced a Fat Day in their life, I know what is involved in dropping those pounds, and most importantly, I know what it takes to keep those pounds from returning.

I know the emotional pain the overweight individual faces; I know the health struggles and damage that those extra pounds can inflict upon the body. I've been there and it wasn't fun; it wasn't pretty.

So many times, I was passed-over when it came to job advancements due to my weight. I remember the mocking gazes and comments that were so hurtful.

If you're feeling this type of pain, then walk beside me and begin your weight loss journey today. The first three days will be super easy!

Searching for Weight Loss Clues in Your Current Daily Diet

Let's begin by examining one of the best tools at a pre-dieter's disposal - their current daily diet.

Taking stock of the type of foods, the amount of foods and the source of foods that are in the current daily diet before a new diet is embraced provides the dieter with a meaty capsule of information which can assist in making smarter, healthier food choices for permanent weight loss success.

If you can recall what you have eaten over the last two or three days, then you're already a step ahead in your weight loss plan.

If not, simply grab a notebook or a sheet of paper and start jotting down everything that you consume throughout the course of the next three days.

Be sure to count the amount of beverages that you consume, as well as gum and snacks. Gum? Really? Counting the extremely low calories in gum is 'that' important? Yes, particularly for heavy gum chewers like our Dieter Fanny as we'll soon learn more about below.

After Dieter Fanny charted her three day daily diet, she was shocked to discover that almost 400 calories were contributed to gum. That's enough calories to enjoy a healthy meal.

Also, try to measure your servings if possible and DO NOT cut back serving sizes at this time, and DO NOT add serving sizes to your daily diet during these three days because what you record is vital information that can greatly assist you in the success of your weight loss plan, and in permanent weight loss.

If you dine out, ask the restaurant for a nutrition guide so you can accurately determine your calorie consumption. If you're dining at home, read the labels to determine your calorie consumption.

Adding Up Current Daily Calories

Almost every food item these days is accompanied with nutritional information, the biggest exceptions being fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

Diet Bites contains calorie information on fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, in addition to a vast variety of foods common to the daily diet. Just follow the links listed at the end of this article for quick reference on calorie content to assist in your totals.

- After you have made your three day list of the foods and drinks that you have consumed, calculate the daily calories as best as you can for each day.

- Next, add the totals for all three days together.

- Next, divide that number by three. This will provide your daily calorie average. You'll also gain insight to the trouble spots in your current daily diet plan and be better equipped to chart a healthier course towards permanent Weight Loss Success.

Let's view an example of this three day process for Pre-Dieter Fanny who is 5'6" in height. She has a large body frame and is a young, single adult.

She currently employs an inactive lifestyle.

Dieter Fanny is also aware that she has increased her daily calorie consumption greatly over the past few weeks and with the calorie increase, a weight increase has also occurred.

She has entered a Feeding Frenzy Mode and Dieter Fanny is concerned that if she doesn't work to control her future eating, she will not only continue to gain weight at a rapid rate, but her health and emotional state will suffer greatly as the weight continues to weigh her life down - in more 'weighs' than one.

Keep in mind that a moderately active individual who weighs 250 pounds requires about 4,250 calories to support their weight. So to impress once again, if Dieter Fanny continues to feast at her current rate, her weight will rapidly continue to increase.

Here is Dieter Fanny's 3 Day Food List totals, including what she learned from her mini-food diary and the steps she will take as she moves into the Weight Loss Phase of her Weight Loss Journey:

Day 1 of Pre-Dieter Fanny's Daily Calorie Consumption

Total Breakfast Food Choices & Calories = 1,250

McDonalds Hotcakes (3) & Sausage = 520 kcals
McDonalds Butter (2) = 80 kcals

McDonalds Syrup (2) = 360 kcals

McDonalds Caramel Cappuccino, Large = 290 kcals

Total Lunch Calories = 1,780

Cheeseburger, Single Meat = 630 kcals
Fries, Large = 450 kcals

Soda, Large = 300 kcals

Chocolate Cupcakes (2) = 400 kcals

Total Dinner Calories = 1,123

Fried Chicken Breast, Homemade, 1 breast = 436 kcals
Mashed Potatoes, 1 cup prepared with whole milk & butter = 237 kcals

Green Beans, 1 serving with butter = 100 kcals

Bread + 1 serving butter = 150 kcals

Sweet Tea, 16 ounces (2 cups) = 200 kcals

Total Snack Calories = 1,240

Candy Bar, Regular Size = 270 kcals
Regular Sodas (3) = 420 kcals
Potato Chips (3 servings) = 450 kcals
10 Sticks of Gum = 100 kcals


Day 2 of Pre-Dieter Fanny's Daily Calorie Consumption

Total Breakfast Calories = 837

Toast (Potato Bread) - 2 slices = 200 kcals
Jam, 2 Tablespoons = 200 kcals
Butter - 2 servings = 200 kcals

Orange Juice - 1 cup, unsweetened = 112 kcals

Coffee, with cream & sugar = 125 kcals

Total Lunch Calories = 845

Ham & Cheese Sandwich = 400 kcals
Potato Chips - 2 servings = 300 kcals
Dill Pickle = 5 kcals
Soda = 140 kcals

Total Dinner Calories = 1,115

Tacos, 4 with cheese & sour cream = 800 kcals
Tortilla Chips - 1 serving = 150 kcals
Salsa = 25 kcals
Soda = 140 kcals

Total Snack Calories = 900

Regular Sodas (2) = 280 kcals
Cinnamon Rolls (2) = 420 kcals

20 Sticks of Gum = 200 kcals


Day 3 of Pre-Dieter Fanny's Daily Calorie Consumption

Total Breakfast Calories = 975

Breakfast Toaster Pastries = 400 kcals
Chocolate Milk, Whole (16 ounces) = 450 kcals
Coffee, with cream & sugar = 125 kcals

Total Lunch Calories = 960

Grilled Cheese Sandwich = 400 kcals
Tomato Soup - 1 serving = 60 kcals
Saltine Crackers (10) = 100 kcals

Soda = 140 kcals

Specialty Coffee = 260 kcals

 Total Dinner Calories = 1,710

Footlong Chili Cheese Hot Dog = 650 kcals
Fries, Regular Size = 350 kcals

Large Fountain Soda = 340 kcals

Chocolate Fudge Sundae = 370 kcals

Total Snack Calories = 1,095

Coffee, with cream & sugar = 125 kcals
Regular Sodas (2) = 280 kcals
Buttered Popcorn (1 bag) = 340 kcals
Cookies (4) = 280 kcals

7 Sticks of Gum = 70 kcals



Dieter Fanny will now add her total calories for each of the three days: 5,393 calories + 3,697 calories + 4,740 calories = 13,830 calories.

Next, Dieter Fanny will divide this number by 3: 13,830 calories / 3 days = 4,610 average calories per day.

So, what did Dieter Fanny learn by recording the calories and serving amounts during the last three days?

Let's see:

1. Although Dieter Fanny knew that she had most-recently increased her daily calorie consumption significantly, she was shocked to discover that she was eating much more than she had assumed.

She was particularly concerned regarding the number of calories she was consuming for snacks, most of which were empty calories - calories which contained zero-to-little nutritional values - food and beverage choices like gum, soda, cookies and candy.

2. Dieter Fanny also realized that the number of calories she was consuming during snack time were close to the number of calories that her body required for her recommended weight. It was past-time for her to get serious about the quality of her daily diet, and she aimed to do exactly that.

3. Dieter Fanny noted that she had a lot of processed foods, sugary foods and fried foods implanted in her current daily diet, all of which tend to be excessive in calorie content.

4. Dieter Fanny also realized that her beverage calories were out of control and that she was consuming far too many carbonated sodas mined with sugar content.

5. Based on the Recommended Weight Charts at Diet Bites as well as her doctor's sage advice, Dieter Fanny had set her weight loss goal for 135 pounds.

Based on the Calorie Needs Chart at Diet Bites, she knew that if she remained inactive her body would require about 1,750 calories to support - as well as to maintain her 135 pound goal.

If she were moderately active, she could increase her energy needs to 2,025 daily calories and if she were active she could increase her daily energy needs to 2,295 calories.

Dieter Fanny had also read the free 'New Diet Plan' at Diet Bites and was aware that  'Active' equals 10,000 - 12,499 steps per day.

She was also aware that she would need to begin activity at a slow pace and work towards meeting her activity goals over time.

Taking the above information, let's see if we can assist Dieter Fanny in revising her current unhealthy daily diet and meal plans.


Day 1, Healthier Meal Choices

Total Breakfast Calories = 460

McDonalds Hotcakes, 3 Plain = 350 kcals
McDonalds Butter (1) = 40 kcals
McDonalds Nonfat Cappuccino, Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup, Medium Size for 70 calories

Total Lunch Calories = 425

Kid's Cheeseburger, Single Meat = 300 kcals
Orange, about 3" diameter = 69 kcals
Baked Potato Chips - 10 chips = 56 kcals
Water OR Diet Soda = zero calories

Total Dinner Calories = 382

Roasted Chicken Breast (1/2 breast with skin and bone removed) = 142 kcals
Small Baked Potato, Butter Buds = 150 kcals
Green Beans, one serving = 20 kcals
Whole Grain Bread = 70 kcals
Unsweetened Tea = zero

Total Snack Calories = 267

Popcorn, 2 cups air-popped = 62 kcals
Jerky, 1 serving = 80 kcals
Apple, 1 small = 80 kcals
Strawberries, 1 cup = 45 kcals


Day 2, Healthier Meal Choices

Total Breakfast Calories = 320 kcals

Toast (whole grain bread) - 1 slice = 70 kcals
Strawberry Jam - 1 serving = 50 kcals
Egg, 1 large - boiled = 78 kcals
Orange Juice - 1 cup, unsweetened = 112 kcals
Coffee, with powdered creamer & Splenda = 10 kcals

Total Lunch Calories = 409 kcals

Lean Ham & Reduced-Fat Cheese Salad Mix (cucumber, raw baby spinach, cherry tomatoes) = 250 kcals
Balsamic Salad Dressing = 5 kcals
Blueberries, 1 cup = 84 kcals
Yogurt, Light = 70 kcals
Water or Diet Drink = 0

Total Dinner Calories = 535 kcals

Tacos, 2 with  reduced fat cheese & light sour cream = 400 kcals
Beans, 1/2 cup = 110 kcals
Salsa = 25 kcals
Water or Diet Drink = 0

Total Snack Calories = 248 kcals

Rice Cake + Smear of Peanut Butter = 100 kcals
Banana, 1 Small (6" long) = 90 kcals
Peach, 1 Medium = 58 kcals


Day 3, Healthier Meal Choices

Total Breakfast Calories = 342 kcals

Strawberry Breakfast Toaster Pastry, 1 light pastry = 190 kcals
Skim Milk - 8 ounces = 90 kcals
Pink Grapefruit, 1/2 medium = 32 kcals
Coffee, with powdered creamer & Splenda = 10 kcals

Total Lunch Calories = 360 kcals

Reduced-Fat Cheese Sandwich (whole grain) with raw baby spinach & sliced tomatoes, light Mayo = 250 kcals
Tomato Soup - 1 serving = 60 kcals
Saltine Crackers (5) = 50 kcals
Water or Diet Drink = 0

Total Dinner Calories = 366 kcals

Hot Dog, light frank, reduced fat cheese, relish, 1 serving of hot dog sauce, mustard = 200 kcals
Baked Potato Chips - 10 chips = 56 kcals

Raw Veggies (Carrots, Cucumber, Celery) + Light Yogurt = 110 kcals

Water or Diet Drink = 0

Total Snack Calories = 358 kcals

Yogurt Covered Raisins, 1 small box = 130 kcals
Ginger Snaps (4) = 80 kcals
Kiwi, 1 = 42 kcals
Cantaloupe, 1 cup cubed = 54 kcals
Pink Grapefruit, 1/2 medium = 52 kcals



Dieter Fanny will now add her total calories for each of the three days: 1,534 calories + 1,512 calories + 1,426 calories = 4,472 calories.

Next, Dieter Fanny will divide this number by 3:  4,472 calories / 3 days = 1,491 average calories per day.

Meal Planning, Not An Exact Science

Is the above meal planner perfect?

Not by a long shot and it signals that Dieter Fanny must not only opt for healthier versions of her food favorites, but she must also insert the recommended Food Group Servings into her daily diet.

Based on Dieter Fanny's goal weight of 135 pounds, her body requires the Food Group servings noted in the table to the right of your screen.

Creating Meal Planners is Challenging

One major aspect that makes formulating a weight loss plan challenging is that all foods are created differently.

If all fruits contained the same number of calories and nutritional values, as well as all vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy foods - losing weight as well as maintaining weight would be a breeze, or as close to a breeze as possible.

The Food Groups, Challenges to Meet Recommended Daily Intake

In addition, there are certain types of grains - some healthier than others. For optimal health, whole grains should be the first and foremost choice of the day when it comes to the healthy Grain Group.

As to proteins, some are healthier than others. Red meats should be limited for a healthier you; eggs are extreme in cholesterol and should also be monitored.

As to the Dairy Group, whole dairy foods tend to be very high in calories and fat content. Golden butter can equal golden health issues.

Food Group Recommendations for Individuals Weighing 131-140 Pounds

Food Group

Daily Serving Size


2  cups


2.5  cups


6 ounces


5.5  ounces


3 cups


6 teaspoons


Allow 267 Calories

In summary, the daily diet - even when consumed in its healthiest state is a constant balancing act. As humans, most of us strive to be the best we can be, including situations involving weight loss.

Most individuals aggressively tackle a new weight loss plan - giving it all they've got. Although hard work and Diet Dedication certainly pay off in the form of smaller numbers on the weight scales, we must be careful to protect the health of our bodies amid the process.

A weight loss approach that greatly restricts calorie content and/or that embraces excessive activity may establish a breeding ground for major health issues. Although our Dieter Fanny wants to lose weight, she intends to do so in a healthy, safe manner.

Phase 2 of Dieter Fanny's Weight Loss Plan

Now that Dieter Fanny had identified certain areas of her daily diet that were trouble spots, she is ready to choose her new diet plan.

Diet Bites contains several low calorie diet plans for weight loss. As a rule of Diet Thumb, Diet Bites recommends following this healthier course for weight loss...

Tips to Succeed at Losing Excess Fat

- Limit processed foods and base your daily diet on the healthy Food Pyramid. Enjoy a variety of different foods closest to their natural state.

- Limit fat intake, but don't completely erase it from your daily diet plan. Take aggressive measures against the unhealthy fats; no more frying, breading, smothering foods in rich fatty sauces & gravies.

Remove visible fat and skin from meats and opt for the leanest cuts available. Roast meats in the oven, or in a pan on the stove top.

- Whether you enjoy walking or a sport's activity, set a doable activity in place that you can enjoy from this day going forward.

Muscle takes more calories to support than fat; and you'll feel much better moving than molting in a chair that has perfectly conformed to the old buttocks over time.

- Water, so simple, so perfect, so low in calories that it makes the best choice as well as the healthiest option for beverage time.

- When snack time rolls around, grab a healthy fruit or a small collection of raw veggies. We won't argue that they aren't as attractive as a giant slice of chocolate cake and an extra tall glass of chocolate milk - BUT YOU will be more attractive in the end (as well as all over).

- Keep in mind that fiber and protein assist in keeping the tummy feeling fuller for longer periods of time. Fish, eggs, oatmeal - just a few selections that will keep you feeling fuller for hours to come.

- Limit sodium intake which can produce false elevated numbers on the weight scales, as well as over-work the heart and vital organs.

- Be sure to meet with your health care giver before starting any weight loss plan.

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