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A Free Summer Diet & Weight Loss Meal Planner

Need to toast those extra pounds along with a few marshmallows this summer?

We have some snazzy weight loss tips, a free diet menu and a guide for healthier summer eating. Let's get started, shall we? And oh - don't forget the marshmallows!

It's summertime and if you're packing a few extra pounds along with your picnic basket, that unwanted weight can add misery amid hotter temperatures.

That extra weight not only taxes the heart, lungs, circulatory system, joints and skeletal system - it generates added heat amid the already-extreme temperatures of summer - particularly if you reside in the South.

What better time to get off those pounds than now!

Although the mid-morning hour through dusk may be off-limits where outdoor activity is concerned, because it gets darker later in the day, we can enjoy and take advantage of the early morning and late evening hours.

Activity can assist in quicker weight loss results while strengthening and toning the body.

Diet Bites has a few tips for weight loss during the summer months as well as a free diet plan below that can be used as a pattern for weight loss.

So grab that life preserver, your oversized straw hat, your sunscreen, your movie-star sunshades and your rubber ducky and yes - even those marshmallows!

Let's begin with our snazzy weight loss tips for summer.

Go Lean, Trim Fat to Lose Fat

The reason why it's difficult to erase globs of fat from the daily diet is because 'fat' adds flavor to foods - from butter or margarine to sour cream to cream cheese to fried chicken. Do you need to eradicate fat from the daily diet? Don't do that!

Your body actually requires a bit of fat in order to function efficiently. Fat is necessary to pad and protect our organ, to add sheen to our nails and luster to our hair.

Losing weight can be as simple as trimming off the fat from meat. Remove skin amid the trimming process.

Opting for baked potatoes over fries drastically trims fat intake; when your baked potato arrives at the table make certain that it's not too small, not too large - but just right, yes - just like the porridge in the tale of The Three Bears.

If you add a fat source such as butter, margarine or sour cream - add half of what you'd normally add. Keep reducing the amount of fat over time until you can taste the flavor of the potato rather than the fat source overpowering the potato.

Go Light

It's just too hot in the summer to fill-up on hot foods that feel heavy once they hit the belly. After a heavy meal in the heat we don't feel very energetic; rather than returning to work or play we feel more inclined to take a long nap.

Eating light amid the heat can assist in keeping our energy levels on target.

Great summer selections for your diet menu include: salads - either with or without proteins (lean meats, nuts, drained beans or chickpeas), cottage cheese, cool summer soups - such as strawberry soup, crackers and reduced-fat cheese, and lettuce wraps.

Think about these two meals amid wilting temperatures and which one you'd rather have in your tummy:

Diet Menu #1 - Bean, beef & cheese burrito, Mexican rice with cheese & chives, refried beans & cheese.

Diet Menu #2 - Salad prepared with mixed spring greens, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, cubed roasted chicken and light raspberry salad dressing PLUS one serving of crackers or croutons.

Both of the above meals are satisfying BUT only one will leave the dieter feeling lighter while weighing lighter the next day.

Take note that it's not only the type of food - but also the weight of the food as well as the sodium content (salt content) of the food. Diet Menu #1 will leave the dieter craving water throughout the day due to the salt content of the menu. Salt and water consumption aren't a good mix, particularly for the dieter.

When salt is involved, water is retained by the body and may stay retained for a few days following the heavily salted meal that was consumed.

As an experiment, the next time that you consume a meal high in sodium content watch the numbers of your weight scale. Also take note of your level of thirst throughout the day. For the next day or so, be mindful of the foods that you eat and opt for foods lower in salt content.

Burn That Grill

The grill is great for roasting meats and vegetables amid the heat of summer. And yes - even those perky marshmallows. If you're a marshmallow fan, look for the 'Campfire Size' marshmallows at your local market. They are the cat's meow!

Foods that work exceptionally well on the grill include: corn on the cob (unhusked), zucchini sliced lengthwise, tomatoes sliced in half, meats - including fish.

Foil can assist in foods that want to slip down next to the fire rather than sit on top of the grill - as well in making clean-up time a whiz.

Protein & Fiber

Protein and fiber are two elements of successful dieting. Both can assist in keeping the dieter feeling full and satisfied. Protein works to remove water retention from the body. Diet Bites does not recommend diets high in protein OR fiber.

High protein diets can cause all sorts of health ills for individuals with heart, kidney and urinary tract issues. Diets high in fiber can cause painful gas issues and potential embarrassment for the dieter.

Opting for whole grains not only adds a dose of healthy fiber to your daily diet but also adds nutritional values.

As to protein - keep in mind there are two significant types of protein: animal proteins and vegetable proteins which include nuts, seeds - and yes, even peanut butter.

While peanut butter is high in calories based on serving size - it can be part of a healthy daily diet. In fact, any diet plan that excludes a particular food or food group from the daily diet should have the dieter putting on his OR her thinking cap.

While chicken fat and fried gizzards can create a Weight Gain Disaster - the majority of dieters can use their good sense to steer their weight loss plan in the right direction rather than running off the Diet Trail. Good sense goes a long 'weigh' in the area of sensible, healthy weight loss.

Hydrate Wisely

When it's hot outdoors be sure to monitor your fluid intake. The heat can quickly zap our fluid levels as we sweat and expend energy. Diet Bites favorite drink for summer or anytime is water.

Sugar Free, Fat Free

While sugar free and fat free foods can assist the dieter with weight loss, Diet Bites does not recommend use of sugar free/fat free foods over a short period of time.

From personal experience Diet Bites strongly feels that use of sugar substitutes contributes to allergies and influences our immunity.

Since the introduction of sugar substitutes as well as antibacterial products on the market, we've noticed a huge spike in allergies and in certain illnesses.

Therefore, get your doctor's recommendation before hugging sugar substitutes into your daily diet.

Explore Activity

As mentioned above, adding activity and exercise to your daily routine can assist in speeding-up weight loss results. Be certain to exercise wisely during the cooler times of day.

Hydrate as needed with water. Some great summer activities for outdoors include: a nice walk with nature, sports of all varieties, flying a kite, walking the dog, Frisbee (your dog may love this too), roller skating and riding bikes.

Be sure to get your doctor's approval before embracing heavy exercise, particularly if you have more than 50 pounds to lose.

While you want to get that weight off, you sure don't want to drop dead or fall ill in doing such.

Content Mind - Positive Thinking

Creativity balances activity. Whether you enjoy knitting, sewing, painting, playing music, singing - or even watching a movie or television, relaxation is key to weight loss results. When the mind is relaxed, the body is relaxed. We tend to have more favorable results in anything we do when we're content and relaxed.


The following free diet menu plan contains about 1,500 calories and is based on the USDA recommended Food Group servings.

Food Group

Daily Serving Size

Based on 1,400 Calorie Diet Plan

Fruit Food Group

1.5  cups

Vegetable Food Group

1.5 cups

Grain Food Group

5 ounces

Protein Group -Meat, Beans

4 ounces

Dairy Food Group

2 cups

Oils & Fats

4 teaspoons


Enjoy zero calorie beverages freely (water, coffee, tea). If you enjoy your beverages with sugar and cream, go light.

Activity Plan

Plan to enjoy a 15 minute walk each day while dieting - as well as after Diet Time. Be sure to balance activity with relaxation.

Free Diet Plan Breakfast Menu

Enjoy 1 cup of skim milk (or 3/4 cup of regular milk) + 1 serving of hot or cold cereal (up to 150 calories) + 1 small banana. (1 dairy serving, 1 grain serving, 1 fruit serving)

Mid-Morning Snack - 1 cup of strawberries OR your favorite berry (1 fruit serving)

Free Diet Plan Lunch Menu

Lean deli ham (or your favorite lean meat) sandwich prepared with lettuce, tomato, mustard (regular or spicy) and a slice of cheese. Also enjoy 1 serving of cottage cheese. (1 protein serving, 2 grain servings, 1 vegetable serving, 2 dairy servings)

Mid-Afternoon Snack - 1/2 small cantaloupe OR 1 wedge of any variety of melon + 1 rice cake (1 fruit serving, 1 grain serving)

Free Diet Plan Dinner Menu

3 ounces of baked salmon OR your favorite non-breaded fish, 1 small baked potato with 1 serving of margarine, 1 serving of pickled beets OR regular beets, 1 serving of green beans, 1 dinner roll OR 1 slice of whole grain bread up to 100 calories. (1 protein serving, 3 vegetable servings, 1 grain serving)

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