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About the Free Diet Weight Loss Plans in this section of Diet Bites

The Free Diet Plans housed within this section of Diet Bites are based on a 1,400 calorie daily diet and offer a pattern for weight loss. Each can be modified to suit personal food preferences and are not intended to be Set in Diet Stone.

Diet Bites recommends that any individual planning to embark on a restricted-calorie diet seek the advice of their personal physician in advance. Many times, hidden diseases such as diabetes, thyroid imbalances, sugar substitute abuses and even allergies may be the root of weight gain. Until underlying issues are remedied, weight loss results will be challenging.

Daily Calorie Intake & Weight Loss

One of the keys to successful weight loss is avoiding a severe restriction in caloric intake which will prompt the metabolism to s-l-o-w down in order to preserve precious energy. The body is smart - but not smart enough to know that the dieter is intentionally restricting calories to lose weight. The result of a daily diet too restrictive in calories is slower weight loss. Slower metabolism equals slower weight loss.

The chart to the right of the screen below displays the recommended daily servings for the basic food groups contained beneath the umbrella of the Official Food Pyramid. A daily diet too restrictive in calorie content is generally insufficient in satisfying these daily nutritional requirements. While vitamin supplements can assist in ensuring better nutrition while dieting, the best source for nutrients are found in healthy foods.

Important Notes for Diet Bites Free Diet Plans

The Free Diet Menus

Enjoy all the food on the daily Free Diet Plan menus - including snacks. If a particular meal or food isn't a dieter's cup of tea, then substitute foods with similar calorie and nutrient content.

Snack Times

Opting for fruit, raw veggies, lean proteins, whole grains and skim dairy selection over bakery items, chips, puddings and other tasty but fatty and high calorie snack goodies can save a plethora of calories. For example, one cupcake contains about 200 calories which is equal to the following healthier choices - and which will satisfy 'snack time' for an entire day: 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries (about 25 calories), 1 cup of melon, any variety (about 50 calories), 1 serving of jerky (about 80 calories), 1 small peach. That's a lot of healthy food in exchange for one crummy cupcake. However, to keep things real - there are times in life when only a cupcake will do.

Food Group

Daily Serving Size

Based on 1,400 Calorie Diet Plan


1.5  cups


1.5 cups


5 ounces

Meat & Beans

4 ounces


2 cups


4 teaspoons

Exercise & Activity

Embrace an activity that you will enjoy doing for the rest of your life going forward. Exercise and activity need not be grueling - taxing the body until it collapses into a heap on the dusty old earth. Walking, short hikes, basketball, skating - even enjoying the hula-hoop will strengthen the heart, the muscles and bones. Try to exercise at least every other day - starting out slow and working up to about 30 minutes of activity. If you feel yourself tiring - use your good sense and stop. Listen to your body as it knows its current limitations.

Beverages, Water & the Electrolytes

Beverages can be pricey when it comes to calorie content. For example, grape juice contains about 160 calories per serving - more than soda ounce-per-ounce. Sure, it's eons more nutritious but calories are calories - and too many calories equals weight gain. Therefore, choose your beverages wisely.

Your best beverage choice? Water - but don't overdo on the water as too much will create an imbalance in the electrolytes and pose health risks, including death.

The three electrolytes in the body are: calcium, potassium and sodium. It doesn't take a genius to see how calcium supplements can work to create an imbalance - and present health dangers, including heart damage. We'll touch more on health supplements below.

For now, let's concentrate on sugar substitutes. While sugar substitutes can assist in getting the extra weight off, excessive as well as prolonged use of sugar substitutes may be potentially harmful to the body, particularly to the endocrine system - and may even contribute to weight gain.

If you've been using sugar substitutes commonly found in diet soda, gelatins, light puddings & light or sugar free products - and you're experiencing allergy issues including rashes, hives, allergic reactions to pets, new allergic reactions to products or things found in nature that you were not previously allergic to - OR immune system issues OR an overall feeling of poor health, discontinue use and seek the advice of your doctor. Apprise the doctor of your use of sugar substitutes, including approximate daily intake amounts. Page 2 | Page 3

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