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For Every Positive There is a Negative

One thing that all individuals share when it comes to losing weight is that they want to be healthier at the end of their journey than they were at the beginning.

They also want to lose weight as quickly as possible but do such in a safe manner.

This is the first trouble spot where fad methods pose risks - at times very serious risks to health.

The Cons of Fad Dieting

Let's take a look at Martha's journey and see how it worked for her.

She had need of losing fifty pounds. She had tried so many methods to get off the unwanted mass, but seemed to always fail. This she contributed to boredom and lack of excitement in the methods she had tried.

She needed something different - something exciting and all her friends at work were raving about the newest method for peeling off pounds - a six-banana a day diet for two weeks.

The fad plan promised impressive results - up to twenty pounds of fat loss in a fourteen day period. That's quite a lot of weight and to those who desperate to lose - this is a very provocative and luring situation.

Why not give it a try, she thought? Everyone else was - and so why not? She would stick it out, then she would take a week break - then she would repeat the process.

Why, in about a month from now, all of her worries would be gone; she would be thin again!

So she did exactly that.

What You Don't Know Can Seriously Hurt Your Body

Unfortunately, Martha ended up in the emergency room, pale gray in color with massive diarrhea and digestive upset about one week into her ordeal.

But that wasn't all the medical complications that she experienced.

Her blood pressure readings were off the chart and her kidneys were malfunctioning. She was placed immediately on dialysis in an effort to save her life.

When her husband told the attending physician about his wife's new fad plan, the physician just shook his head and his face held a somber look - because at this point, he suspected that patient Martha had sustained permanent kidney damage.

In Martha's situation, she had a hidden kidney condition as well as diabetes.

The Pros of Fad Dieting

There aren't many where this method of losing is involved. The top three pulls include:

Unique ploys which tend to entertain and amuse rather than produce true results - and which can actually create a lot of damage to the body.

While it may seem luring to eliminate one Food Group from the diet OR to feast on a particular vegetable soup recipe OR to eliminate all but one Food Group, the consequences are never good.

Most have a very short duration; thank goodness because some would have the individual starve or exercise until there was nothing left but the human skeleton.

Almost all recommend pairing their plan with exercise.

In Summary

In the age of image alteration, almost anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge can alter the appearance of an individual - making them go from fat to plum to skinny. There are multiple photo-editing software programs which can subtract pounds at the click of a mouse.

Therefore, believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see could be amended to - nothing you hear, nothing you see in this situation.

Unless you had personal interaction with the individual before they entered into a particular popular plan - and witnessed their progression over time so that you could personally measure their rate of success OR unless you have reliable substantiated results from authoritative sources which have documented the potency of a particular plan - one cannot possibly know whether those 'guaranteed or promised' results are fact or fiction.

IF ONLY the individual would take the money that they intend on spending on a worthless plan and use it to visit with their qualified physician or nutritionist to simply ask if the method is verifiable - if it will render healthy, if there will be safe results - as well as permanent success, they would discover that fad diets are never fab - that they are almost always an endangerment to one's good health.

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