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Today is Fast Food Day! Yes indeed - you can enjoy fast food while losing weight. It's all about making the best choices.

However, if you prefer not to go fast-fooding, we have recipes for alternative meal plates.

In addition, add an additional 100 calories to your day's total, using this amount of energy to purchase food choices that you wish.

Breakfast Menu

For breakfast, enjoy a McDonalds' Egg McMuffin for 300 calories.

Enjoy water or your choice of beverage using optional calories if needed.

If preparing breakfast at home, scramble one egg and enjoy between a toasted English muffin for about 300 calories.

Add a half-slice of your favorite reduced fat cheese to the breakfast sandwich if you wish - and if calories allow.

Be sure to check the caloric values of your muffin as some contain more than others.

If there is room for a 25 calorie slice of bacon that has been microwaved, you can add that too.

Mid-Morning Snack

1 plum OR 1 apricot or 3/4 cup of your favorite summertime melon

Lunch Menu

Tacos, Spanish Rice & Salsa

Enjoy 2 regular OR soft tacos at Taco Bell + salsa. Also enjoy an order of Spanish rice.

If dining at home, purchase the extra lean ground beef and season with your favorite taco seasoning packet or using ground chili powder, ground cumin and fresh or dried cilantro; add the seasonings to suit your personal taste buds.

Prepare four ounces of the ground beef using the spices to season; fill three hard corn tortilla shells with the ground beef and top with a salad mix of shredded lettuce, chopped onion and tomato - and add more fresh chopped cilantro if you wish.

Also add salsa if desired and just a bit of shredded cheese.

If you must have sour cream use only three-fourths of the recommended serving for the full-blown or use reduced fat sour cream instead - the full recommended serving size.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

1 small peach or 1/2 cup of blackberries or 1/2 cup of blueberries

Dinner Menu

Subway Sandwich & Chips

Enjoy one of the low calorie 6-inch subs up to 350 calories.

Add 1 small package of your favorite chips to your meal.

Also enjoy water or your choice of beverage using optional calories if needed.

At this point in the weight loss plan, you know how to prepare a sandwich from lean cuts of deli meat on whole grain bread - with added fresh vegetables.

Do such - and add one serving of baked chips if desired.

Evening or Bedtime Snack

3/4 of skim milk blended with 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries


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