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Based on a 1,400 Calorie Daily Diet Plan

Optional Calories - You need to add 100 more to your day - and you can do such anytime of the day, whether at your set snacking times or you can add the extra calories to your meal plate.

Breakfast Menu

Egg, bacon & toast

Enjoy 1 egg prepared as you wish (scrambled, fried, poached, boiled, etc.) and 2 strips of bacon which have been microwaved between two sheets of paper towel to absorb fat.

Also enjoy 1 slice of whole grain bread (70 calories). Enjoy water or your choice of beverage using optional calories if needed.

Mid-Morning Snack

1 cup of strawberries

Lunch Menu

Two Hot Dogs with hot dog sauce, hot dog relish, kraut, chopped onions, mustard, ketchup & grated cheese

Use one low fat frank containing 50 calories or less. Cook the frank on the stove top or the grill as desired. Slice the frank lengthwise in half.

Add to buns (toast buns if you wish) that contain about 100 calories each. Add mustard and ketchup if you wish.

Also add up to 50 calories worth of hot dog sauce and 75 calories worth of grated cheese. Feel free to add chopped onions, hot dog relish and kraut if you wish. Enjoy water or your choice of beverage using optional calories if needed.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

1 serving of cottage cheese OR yogurt (up to 130 calories)

Dinner Menu

Cheeseburger & Soda

Purchase extra lean ground beef. Use about 3 ounces of beef (about 116 calories) and form hamburger patty.

Cook on stove top or on grill until well done. Use cooking spray if meat attempts to stick.

Because the beef contains minimal fat it is more likely to stick than the fatty cuts. Top the well-done meat with 1 slice of cheese (60 calories worth).

Toast 1 small size hamburger bun (about 110 calories) if you wish - or leave plain. Smear buns with mustard; add meat with cheese. Top with sliced tomato, sliced onion and leaf lettuce. If you enjoy ketchup with your cheeseburger, please do. Also enjoy 1 serving of soda up to 140 calories.

Evening or Bedtime Snack

Enjoy 100 calories worth of popcorn.


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