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Tomato Soup Recipes for Dieters

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When we have a stunning start in any recipe that is going to create the main flavors and textures, then few ingredients are required.

Such is particularly the case for our delicious soup with the handsome tomato as the star.

It doesn't get any closer to nature where this bright red, vine-ripened fruit is concerned. And oh yes - it is a fruit, botanically speaking. It flowers (or blooms) and these revert slowly into the beautiful red fruit that most of us are familiar with.

While available in various colors other than red (yellow, green, orange and even black and violet in unique species) we recommend using the red varieties that are of vine-ripened origin as these tend to hold robust, sweet notes of flavor.

Low Calorie Tomato Soup Ingredients & Preparation Notes

The following comprises a list of ingredients necessary to make this recipe:

6 medium to large size tomatoes
1/2 cup of Half & Half
1/2 to 1 teaspoon of crushed basil
Salt and Pepper to suit personal flavors

Place the clean tomatoes into a pot and cover them with water. Bring the water to a boil then remove from heat. Remove the tomatoes and dunk into cold water. The peelings will be coming loose from the flesh of the tomatoes. Work to remove the peeling.

Next, crush the 'peeled' tomatoes and place into a clean soup pot with the other ingredients. Note that as you crush the tomatoes you can leave them chunky OR you can even blend them so that they are silky smooth.

Simply heat and eat.

Ultra Easy Tomato Soup Suggestions, Recipes

You can also use canned tomatoes to create a delicious soup. If you have never tried stewed petite tomatoes, you may find that you love them.

You can add a bit of milk or Half & Half to the recipe along with your favorite seasonings.


You can even opt to use a chicken broth for flavor - but in our humble opinion, we much prefer the natural flavor of the tomato left...untainted.

If you have a canned version that you enjoy - you can take it to yet another level by adding your favorite herbs and spices to the mix.

tomato soup recipeOne of the best foods to go with this soup is grilled cheese but for many dieters it may hold too many calories to add to the meal.

But here the beauty of the star of this meal - almost all soups tend to be very low in caloric values and fat, thus leaving room to add more selections to your meal.

And you can keep control over the amount of calories contained in the sandwich by using low calorie bread and reduced fat cheese.

Spread the bread with reduced fat margarine (40 kcals per serving and it should only take one serving to prepare two slices of bread). Next, grill as you normally would.

And finally, adding a bowl of any variety of soup OR salad to your meal to enjoy as an appetizer can assist greatly in filling the stomach for minimal calories - thus resulting in a reduction of the remaining foods served at the meal. Be sure to use reduced fat dressing when salads are in play.

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