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The Taco is an Excellent Choice for Dieters Because it....

Contains all of the Five Basic Food Groups:

Vegetable: lettuce, onion, cilantro, jalapeno peppers, garlic

Protein: meat, beans, cheese

Dairy: cheese and sour cream

Grain: that lovely golden corn shell OR that light and fluffy flour tortilla shell

Fruit: tomato, avocado

Has minimal caloric values. The regular version prepared with seasoned extra lean ground beef, a vegetable mix, a bit of shredded cheese and a corn tortilla shell contains less than 200 kcals. Even fast food versions remain low in caloric values for the basic version.

Is so easy to prepare! In addition, it's a very flexible star of the meal for dieters. If you don't have beef on hand, then beans can be substituted. Or chicken - or even eggs when a flour shell is used.

When reduced fat ingredients are used, the taco makes a very healthy choice for the dieter's meal plate.

Southwest Taco Ingredients & Preparation Notes

This is our twist on this humble star and takes only a few minutes to prepare. Here is our ingredient list:

flour tortilla shells, we recommend the smaller ones for about 80 kcals each
1 packet of Uncle Ben's (or your favorite brand) Spanish Rice OR 2 cups of prepared white rice, either instant or long cooking varieties. If white rice is used you'll need to add one-half a pack of taco seasoning to this recipe.
1 cup of drained whole kernel corn
1 medium size can of drained canned beans (we used black beans)
1 cup of cooked chicken breast, lean meat only (optional)
1 cup of reduced fat sour cream OR 1 cup of reduced fat shredded cheese


Simply combine the corn, beans, rice and chicken. Heat thoroughly and add either the sour cream or the shredded cheese.

diet taco recipeIf you add the sour cream, then you'll need to stir it gently into the other ingredients to incorporate. If shredded cheese is used - and the Mexican blends work beautifully and add even more flavor, then add to the top of the heated ingredients.

Serve with warm flour tortilla shells.

As a note, the reason why we recommended using the smaller varieties is because the large shells can contain over 200 kcals a piece. The small ones contain about 80 - so you can enjoy two shells OR you can opt for one large shell.

We like to place the filling inside the shells and enjoy the meal - taco style. 

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