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Simple Diet Menu #5

Article by Diet Bites

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Looking for a diet menu that's simple? Something that doesn't require much thought or preparation? A diet menu that you can use as a pattern to plan out a personal menu around?

If so, we've got five very simple, very basic diet menus that you can use as a pattern. To personalize, simply adjust the calories within the menu to suit your needs so that they mirror any food selection that is replaced.

Today, scrambled eggs and bacon on the breakfast menu and will keep you feeling very full until the lunch hour arrives. We'll then enjoy a hearty bowl of soup or stew along with a small stack of crackers. Whole grain will add goodness and nutritional values to the meal. For dinner, let's look forward to a filet mignon, a baked potato, a dinner roll and juicy melon for dessert. At bedtime, we'll enjoy a skinny shake.

Breakfast Menu

1 slice of white or wheat bread, toasted
1 egg, scrambled AND  2 slices of bacon, microwaved
Spoon of jam or preserves
1 cup of skim milk

Lunch Menu

1 cup of your favorite stew or soup (about 200 calories)
Small Side Salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, shredded carrot with a serving of light salad dressing
10 Saltine Crackers
1 Banana or 1 Apple
Diet Soda or Tea or Water

Dinner Menu

One 3-ounce filet mignon, broiled, grilled, baked or pan-roasted
1 small baked potato with a pat of butter or margarine, salt & pepper
Small Side Salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, shredded carrot with a serving of light salad dressing
1 small dinner roll, bread or biscuit (about 100 or less calories)
2 cups of watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew melon
Iced Tea with no calorie sweetener, or plain with lemon

Bedtime or Late Evening Snack - 1 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen fruit blended.

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