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Simple Diet Menu #2

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Today we'll enjoy a simple menu of oatmeal for breakfast and as we skip towards lunch quite easily - because the oats are going to keep us feeling quite full until then, we'll enjoy a serving of healthy black beans that are packed with dietary fiber content.

Well also enjoy some cheese and corn chips on the beans which will create a recipe that is akin to corn chip pie - minus all the typical calories and fat which are associated with such.

For our dinner menu we'll enjoy a lean broiled pork chop, a serving of health-wise soup, a side salad and a wholesome piece of whole grain bread with reduced calorie margarine. And we even have room for a bedtime snack.

Breakfast Menu

Serving of Oatmeal with spoon of sugar & 1/2 cup skim milk
Pat of butter or margarine
1 slice of Bread (white or wheat - 80 calories or less per slice)

Lunch Menu

1 cup of pinto or black beans (240 calories)
slice of cheese (70 calories or less)
Handful of corn chips
Diet Soda or Tea or Water
1 Medium Plum or Apricot

Dinner Menu

1 Grilled, Baked or Broiled Pork Chop
1 Cup of favorite soup with 5 saltine crackers
Small Side Salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, shredded carrot with a serving of light salad dressing
1 Slice of Wheat Bread (80 calories or less) plus a serving of reduced fat margarine
Iced Tea with no calorie sweetener, or plain with lemon

Bedtime or Late Evening Snack - 1 cup skim milk, 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen fruit blended.

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