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Low Calorie Angel Hair Pasta Recipe

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So Delicious & Economical

This low calorie, low fat free diet menu recipe contains about 450 calories and will serve two hungry dieters generously.

And did we mention that it's flat delicious? Even your mean old mother-in-law will love this divine recipe.

How to Prepare Angel Hair Pasta Recipe

The recipe ingredients are listed below.

To prepare, simply cook chicken, peppers, onion and mushrooms  in a non-stick pan sprayed with butter flavored cooking spray until chicken is done (juices run clear).

Remove from pan and place onto the angel hair pasta from which you have created a 'small bed'.

Back to the stove top. Mix water with cornstarch until dissolved. Add this mixture to the pan and stir.

Sauce will slowly thicken as the water heats. Pour sauce over the chicken which is resting inside the bed of angel hair pasta.

Recipe Ingredients For Angel Hair Pasta

Ingredients for this low calorie, low fat recipe are:

3 ounces of boned skinless chicken breast

1 small jar of Sweet Roasted Red Peppers

1/2 cup diced onion

1/2 cup of fresh sliced mushrooms

1 cup of cooked  angel hair Pasta

1 cup water (add more if you desire thinner sauce)

1 Tablespoon of Cornstarch


Preparation Tips

If sauce is too thin, simply add a bit more cornstarch to a bit of water and add to the sauce. If sauce is too thick, add a bit of skim milk or water.

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