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Low Cal Nacho Recipe

Article by Diet Bites


The Missing Ingredient to Your Weight Loss Plan

Here you are - on a diet and something is missing. Something that you loved and something that didn't quite love your figure.

In fact, you loved this missing something so intensely  that you abused it - eating as much of it as possible in one sitting.

You were rewarded with a higher belly, gastric upset and sticky yellow fingertips and at times, stains on shirt fronts that even spot removers couldn't get out completely.

Yes indeed - we're referring to the now-lonely platter of nachos that were left behind when you decided to ditch them for your new fat reduction plan.

But now - in hindsight, you're finding that you're craving this beastly, cheesy and corn-tortilla-ya-e food again but - but - but you don't want to risk going off your plan. What's a good little dieter to do?

nacho recipeEnjoy our low cal version, that's what!

The Recipe Ingredient List for Low Cal Nachos

150 calories worth of your favorite tortilla chips that you use when preparing nachos

jarred Tostitos cheese sauce in hot or mild variety; 3 servings worth for 120 kcals

Optional: pickles jalapeno peppers, chopped onion, drained black or pinto beans that have been seasoned with a dash or two of ground chili powder, sliced black olives, chopped cilantro, a serving of reduced fat sour cream.


Preparation Notes for Nachos

1. Heat the chips in a toaster oven so that they are nice, warm and crisp.

2. Heat the cheese sauce in the microwave.

3. Top the chips with the cheesy sauce.

If you add any of the optional ingredients take note that you'll be adding more calories to the recipe.

All are minimal excepting the beans (110 kcals per cup) and the sour cream (20 calories per Tablespoon).

The sour cream isn't so bad when only one serving is enjoyed but when it's heaped onto the chips - the values can quickly increase.

If you add the beans, the nachos can be served as a main course for your meal along with a nice salad mix.

Using baked chips can assist in cutting fatty acid content and kcals.


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