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Chicken Little Soup, a Lower Calorie Recipe

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Wrap your weight loss plan around these skinny piglets for a tasty anytime meal.....

Don't count-out canned soups while dieting. They offer opportunity for quick meals that can be quite delicious. Most, including the cream-based recipes are low in calories per serving size.

One caveat: if you're watching sodium content in your daily diet, look for the sodium-reduced cans. Check the nutrition labels before purchasing to ensure the salt content can fit into your daily plan.

For the following recipes, have cooked pan-roasted chicken on hand to keep the cooking time minimal. If you don't have time to cook the chicken ahead of time - then purchase the cooked chicken found in the cold meat section at the market. Or purchase a deli rotisserie chicken.

In addition, keep a sealed container of the following cooked vegetables on hand for quick meals: one filled with cooked chunks of white potato and one with carrots. Make the vegetables bite-size.

Chicken Little Soup Recipe Preparation Directions

chicken soup recipeWe named this recipe such because it takes so 'little' time to prepare.

Begin by placing the cooking oil in the bottom of a deep sauce pan.

When heated, add the tri-mix of onions, celery and bell pepper. Stir so that the vegetables cook evenly.

Add the cooked chicken and keep stirring. By cooking the chicken for just a minute or two, this will allow the trapped natural juices of the chicken to escape, thus adding more flavor to the recipe.

Add the remaining ingredients - the cooked carrot, the soup and the can of water.

Stir and continue cooking until the soup is hot and velvety-smooth.

This low calorie, low fat free diet recipe serves 2 for 200 calories each.

Recipe Ingredients for Chicken Little Soup

1/2 cup of cooked pan-roasted chicken
1 can of Campbell's Chicken & Rice Soup plus 1 can of water
1 Teaspoon of vegetable oil or you can use cooking spray to save calories
1/4 cup of chopped onion, celery and bell pepper (frozen tri-mix of these vegetables works excellently)
1/4 cup of cooked carrots in bite-sized bits; while canned carrots will suffice - fresh cooked carrots have a richer flavor and texture

Suggestions for Turning Canned Soup into Gourmet Soup

Tomato Soup: add fresh chopped basil and a can of crushed OR petite tomatoes to the soup. The basil will give the soup that classic tomato-basil flavor; the bits of tomatoes will add body to the soup. For a richer texture, use milk to dilute rather than water.

Mushroom Soup: there are so many ways to take the basic can to a new level. Sliced sauteed mushrooms can be added - or mushrooms and sauteed chopped onions.  Or try adding a couple of strips of crumbled microwaved bacon, 1/4 cup of reduced fat sour cream and 1/2 cup of milk rather than the recommended amount of water.

Vegetable Soup: adding cooked pan-roasted chicken to the recipe adds so much flavor and texture.

In Summary

Be sure to have a favorite cornbread packet stocked in your pantry. There's nothing quite like a wedge of cornbread smeared with light margarine to compliment a bowl of warm, tasty, comforting soup.

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