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Easy Cherry Recipes

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There's nothing like adding a bit of sweet cherry flavors to liven up a boring diet plan.....

Whether fresh, frozen, canned, or pulverized into a juice - cherries can add volume to your diet plan without adding significant calories.

And of course, they are a distinguished member of the official Fruit Group. Yes indeed, this is one occasion where it's good to be a bit fruity.

We hope that you enjoy the following cherry-based recipes that were created in Diet Bites humble kitchen.

We've made use of common ingredients that are likely sitting in your pantry or refrigerator, waiting to used. But of course, don't forget the cherries upon your next adventure to your local market.

Take note that cherries have a very short growing season; in the United States they are at their peak in June - or early summer, so take note and also advantage of grabbing them when they are at their peak flavors.

Fairy Cherry Bread, a Diet Recipe

cherry recipeThis recipe stands in for a nice, rich dessert for those times when a plain, bland rice cake just won't cure an aching Sweet Tooth.

Recipe Ingredients:
2 slices of white diet bread (35 calories each)
2 servings of cherry preserves (100 total calories)
Real Whipped Reduced Fat Cream OR Fat Free Whipped Topping (15 calories per serving)

This recipe is so easy that it would be embarrassing if it wasn't so rich and delicious.

Simply spread the cherries onto the bread and spray on two servings of the light whipped cream. This recipe is simple, sweet and delicious - and will quickly satisfy those sweet cravings. Makes one giant serving for two servings for about 150 calories each.

Cherry Baby Bread Pudding

Recipe Ingredients:
1 slice of bread (60 calories)
1/3 can Canned Cherries Sweetened with Splenda (50 calories)
1/3 cup of reduced fat milk

Tear the bread into small pieces and place into a small microwave-safe bowl. Add the milk and stir to coat the bread. Add the cherry filling and place into microwave for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Diet Tips for Cherries

Add a few frozen cherries to your favorite vanilla or cherry yogurt.

Add fresh pitted cherries OR dried cherries to warm cereal. They pair perfectly with warm oatmeal.

Add dried cherries to your morning bowl of cereal.

Drink a serving of cherry juice before activity time and you may feel those aches and pains at a much lower level - or you may not feel them at all.

In cake recipes which can be enhanced by the flavor of cherries, substitute the recommended addition of water with cherry juice.

Skip the oil in recipes and instead add the same amount of mashed cherries. You'll not only save calories, but the recipe will be super-moist.

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