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Free Diet Menu: Cheese Toast
a Lower Calorie Recipe

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Can cheese toast be a part of your weight loss plan? You bet! We'll show you how....

Let's face facts. It doesn't get much easier than a piece of bread, a smidgen of fat and a slice of cheese, does it? Even small tots can put a cheese toast recipe together.

But the trouble with the traditional recipe is this:

1 slice of full-blown cheese (80 calories or more, depending on the cheese)
1 pat of butter (36 calories and 100% fat)
1 slice of bread (60 to 100+ calories)

These days, a slice of cheese is more than the traditional slice - as well as that pat of butter. And the bread? Some breads at the market equal two slices of regular bread and double if not triple the caloric content.

While the traditional cheese toast recipe contains about 180 calories, let's see if we can subtract a few and make it more friendly for your weight loss plan.

Cheese Please Toast, a diet friendly recipe

cheese toast recipe, ingredients1 slice of reduced fat cheese (50 calories)
1 teaspoon of reduced fat margarine (20 calories)
1 slice of bread (60 calories or you can opt for diet bread for only 35 calories)

Spread the bread with the margarine; top with cheese and pop under a broiler until cheese is bubbly. Total calories about 130 with regular bread or 105 when using diet bread.

That's a substantial reduction in both caloric and fat content while the recipe retains the same lovely flavors as traditional cheese toast.

But let's not stop here. There are other very easy and tasty recipes that we can prepare using these three simple ingredients. Let's take a look into Diet Bites recipe box:

Grilled Bacon & Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Start with the basic three ingredients with a tiny bit of amending:

1 slice of reduced fat cheese (50 calories)
1 Tablespoon of reduced fat margarine (40 calories)
2 slices of bread (120 calories or for the diet bread - 70 calories total)
2 slices of lean bacon

Microwave 2 slices of lean bacon between two moist paper towels to prevent sticking. Remove when done. Both slices will contain about 50 calories as most of the oil was removed amid the cooking process. If they had been pan-fried the bacon would have contained the amount of calories listed on the package - at least double and at times, tripled.

This time, spread the reduced fat margarine onto one side of each slice of the bread. Place one slice of the bread into a non-stick pan and add the slice of cheese as well as the two strips of bacon. You may have to break the bacon into four pieces so that they fit nicely. Add the other slice of bread and flip when the first slice of bread turns a golden brown.

Total calories equal about 260 for the sandwich with ample room to add a healthy side salad or favorite vegetable to the meal along with a piece of fresh fruit.

Grilled Mushroom Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Prepare the same as the Grilled Bacon & Cheese Sandwich substituting the bacon for sliced grilled or sauteed mushrooms - or even with a large portabella. Talk about a sandwich that we can sink our teeth into!


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