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Cheese & Egg Recipe for Dieters

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We have an ample selection of egg and cheese recipes for your healthy weight loss plan....

The reaction of most dieters to 'cheese' is gasp! For many, it's a favorite food that has been eliminated from their current calorie-restricted, fat-restricted diet plan - and miss it, yes they do.

The incredible, edible egg is of course a super food naturally low in calories.

Cheese is also derived from natural dairy products.

Both cheese and eggs may contribute to clogged arteries - the eggs in the area of cholesterol, the cheese in the area of saturated fat content. But both can proudly reside on almost-all healthy weight loss menus.

While the amount of eggs are fairly controllable, many individuals tend to go overboard when it comes to cheese. Because of the fat content, it's very flavorful - some cheese recipes more than others.

And because it tastes so good, as simple humans we assume that the more cheese we add to our plate, the more flavor will be added. So we keep adding it to our macaroni, to our rice, to our chicken, our vegetables - and even to our fruity apple pie. Cheese can fit well with foods from all the official Food Groups. Who doesn't like tiny wedges of cheese served with tiny crackers made by those famous elves along with fresh strawberries, grapes, sliced apple and kiwi?

But in order to fit cheese into our weight loss plan, we must exercise sanity. We must trim fat, we must trim caloric values.

breakfast plate for dietersWhereas eggs are concerned one of the biggest challenges is the recommended daily intake - which currently stands at one egg per day, and is inclusive of all other foods consumed throughout the day which may contain eggs. For cooking needs, the egg substitutes work very well and contain zero cholesterol concerns. They can also be scrambled as well as combined with other foods to create delicious, wholesome meals that we can feel good about eating.

Whereas cheese is concerned, we have light reduced fat choices at the market these days. And most are tasty - but probably not as tasty as regular cheese. The span in caloric difference isn't that huge; a reduced fat slice of cheese typically contains 50 calories while its regular peer - 70 to 90. So the dieter has to study the situation and decide if they want to scale back on calories and fat grams or if they want to enjoy a favorite slice of cheese for a few more calories.

Now that we've got the basics down in the area of nutrition and portion control, let's move forward to our easy cheese and egg recipe.

Cheese Chases the Eggs, a reduced calorie recipe for dieters

Mix together 1 whole egg plus 1 egg white with a dash of salt, a dash of pepper and 1/4 cup of skim milk.  Add 1 crumbled slice of cheese. Cook until done in microwave. Be sure to spray the container with cooking spray to prevent sticking.

This easy recipe serves one for about 160 calories.

Egg & Cheese Tips for Dieters for Meal Planning

- Egg whites contain zero cholesterol while the yolk is mined with the stuff which loves to break hearts by clogging the arteries. This is why we see so many recipes based on the white of the egg such as 'Egg White Omelet'.

- For fried egg lovers, rather than oiling the skillet or pan with butter or regular margarine, opt for no calorie butter flavored or olive oil cooking sprays. Or opt for 1 teaspoon of fat reduced margarine for a skinny 20 calories.

- Like cheese, salt adds flavor to foods and although it contains zero calories it's notorious for creating false weight gain in susceptible individuals by retaining water within the body. Therefore, watch the salt shaker when seasoning your eggs.

- Reduced fat cheeses can save calories in your weight loss plan but unfortunately, they do not melt well. Keep this in mind for certain recipes where it's vital that the melting phase occurs.

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