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Easy Banana Pudding Recipe
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Easy Cupcake Banana Pudding Recipe & Preparation Notes

diet pudding recipeLine the bottom of a small paper muffin cup with three vanilla wafers - and yes, they will overlap in places (30 calories).

Add 1/3 of a sliced banana (another 30 calories). Now top with sugar free pudding (1/2 cup for 70 calories). Transfer to your refrigerator and allow ingredient flavors to marry. The longer the pudding is left in the refrigerator, the softer the cookies become.

Top with real whipped cream - light variety (15 calories per serving) before eating. Total Calories: 145 calories

If you prefer you can use a large serving dish for this recipe, as pictured.

The Recipe Ingredients for Easy Cupcake Banana Pudding

Vanilla Waters, low fat if you wish
Fresh Slices of Banana
Low Fat Whipped Topping

Can you really have your cake and eat it too when you're trying to lose unwanted pounds?

If you have a Sweet Tooth that's as big as Dallas, then you probably know the routine when it comes to dieting. First, you choose your weight loss plan and you're doing great for the first week.

When the second week arrives you're starting to get a little frustrated because the weight is not coming off as quickly as you had hoped. And you're missing certain foods from your former diet plan. More specifically, one of your former food groups.

These are the food groups that a healthy diet plan is built upon: Grain Group, Fruit Group, Vegetable Group, Protein Group and Dairy Group.

Unhealthy Diets are generally build upon the following: Fat Group, Mayo Group, Starch Group, Cheese Group and Dessert Group.

Using our eagle-eyes we can quickly pinpoint the group that affects new dieters with those large Sweet Tooth's - the Dessert Group.

Whether it's chocolate that you're missing or that ten-layered cherry tort, the sugar craving isn't going to let up until you get a sugar fix.

Some quick choices which won't destroy your weight loss plan include:

1 Hershey's Chocolate Kiss
1 Butterscotch Lifesaver, or any small hard candy
Chewing Gum
1 Roasted Marshmallow

What? You're still craving something sweet? Oh me, oh my - let's see if these treats satisfy those sweet cravings....

Okay, you're a grown dieter, and you may find that you want more. That tiny little disc of sugar did absolutely nothing to calm the cravings. In this event, we must step-up our strategy in order to keep our weight loss plan solid. Let's try one of the following:

1 serving of light yogurt with fruit on the bottom
1 serving of reduced fat, sugar free pudding
1 serving of your favorite cookies up to 140 calories
1 slice of sponge cake or reduced fat pound cake

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