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Bacon & Egg Omelet Recipe

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A bait of bacon and eggs doesn't have to be high in caloric or fat content....

Eggs are generally at the top of the list for dieters while bacon is either at the bottom or has slipped entirely from the list.

But even bacon can fit into your weight loss plan with a little smart tweaking.

Diet Tips for Bacon & Eggs

- Use 1 whole egg plus 1 egg white rather than two eggs as the cholesterol mg is contained in the yolk;

- Cook fried eggs in a non-stick pan using non-stick cooking spray;

- Cook bacon in microwave when possible as this cooking process helps to remove grease from the bacon. Blot excess grease from the cooked bacon using additional napkins or paper towels;

- Salt eggs lightly;

- For restricted diet plans, egg substitute and low sodium turkey bacon can be substituted for fresh eggs and bacon.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Omelet, a lower calorie recipe

Place one strip of lean bacon in between two paper towels and place into the microwave; cook until bacon is crisp - about one and a half to two minutes.

In a non-stick pan on the stovetop sauté the following vegetables using 1 teaspoon of melted fat reduced margarine (20 calories)worth. Sauté a 1/2 cup mix of any of the following sliced or chopped vegetables: mushrooms, bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, broccoli, onion or celery.

Crack one fresh egg into medium-sized bowl and toss the shell away. Whisk egg and add a bit of salt and pepper along with a dash of skim milk. Pour into a heated non-stick pan sprayed with cooking spray. Allow omelet batter to cook on one side; flip carefully when set. Add the vegetables to one side of the omelet along with the bacon. You can crumble the bacon if you wish. Also top with 1/4 cup of reduced fat cheese - no more than 50 calories worth in total. Fold omelet and enjoy with one cup of skim milk.

Total Calories in this Egg Omelet, Cheese & Bacon Recipe: About 200 calories.

Bacon, Tomato & Baby Spinach Sandwich Recipe

Prepare two slices of bacon in the microwave. Each slice should contain about 25 to 35 calories after cooking, depending upon the brand and the size of the strips. The microwave purges most of the oils in the bacon so it is a much healthier preparation method than pan frying.

You will also need to slice one small tomato. Try to get four very nice slices and add salt and cracked pepper to the tops.

Toast two slices of whole grain bread in the toaster oven. The recipe is based on 60 calorie per slice bread. Remove from toaster and smear with Light Miracle Whip salad dressing. Add a nice thick bed of baby spinach. Top with the tomato, then the bacon. For 50 more calories you can add a slice of reduced fat cheese of your choice. Muenster makes a very tasty choice as does Colby-Jack.

Total Calories in this diet sandwich: About 250 calories with the cheese. So yes! you can lose weight on a diet and have your bacon, too!

The vegetables are naturally low in caloric content and because we used a smarter cooking method for the bacon, we were able to hold calories as well as dietary fat content in check. Enjoy with a serving of light cottage cheese, or a serving of Fat Free Pringles, or a serving of your favorite baked chips - or pretzels.

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