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Breakfast Meal Planner: Country Gravy, Biscuits & YES - Bacon!

We like the Pioneer brand of packaged gravy mixes and we add additional water because to tone down the amount of sodium. So use any prepared country gravy of your choice - up to 100 calories worth.

Opt for biscuits containing 50 to 100 calories per biscuit (Pillsbury has quite a good biscuit for 110 calories). Enjoy up to 150 calories worth of biscuits. That equals three 50-calorie biscuits OR 1 and 1/2 one-hundred calorie biscuits OR 1 big biscuit. Fresh bread also works very well.

Also enjoy with two slices of microwaved bacon - using paper towels to catch excess bacon grease.

Total Breakfast Calories: About 300 calories. Contains about 2 grain group servings, and 1 protein group serving.

Mid Morning Snack: Enjoy 1/2 of a large orange; enjoy the other half at the mid-afternoon break.

Lunch Meal Planner: Fish Sticks, Mac & Cheese, English Peas

Enjoy up to 200 calories worth of fish sticks and be certain to check the labels as 200 calories can equal 6 fish sticks in some brands, and 3 fish sticks in another - which isn't necessarily a bad thing unless the reduced number of fish stick calories are due to added fat.

Because tartar sauce contains so many calories, we recommend ketchup as a dipping sauce OR using Light Miracle Whip mixed with a bit of sweet pickle relish and chopped raw onion - and a dash of paprika.

Also enjoy the prepared macaroni which is generally found in the deli section at the market. Enjoy one serving OR up to 230 calories worth. Enjoy 1 serving of English Peas for 70 calories.

Total Lunch Calories: About 500 calories. Contains 1 grain group serving, 2 protein group servings, 1 vegetable group serving.

Afternoon Snack: Enjoy 1/2 of a large orange.

Dinner Meal Planner:  Black Bean Tacos, Evergreen Salad, Sour Cream & Salsa

Prepared corn tortilla shells generally contain 50 calories per shell - so enjoy 4. Drain the canned black beans thoroughly, then place into a microwave-safe container adding 1 teaspoon of chili powder, a bit of ground cumin and chopped cilantro (dried or fresh) to the beans.

Stir and add a teaspoon of water if necessary. OR, you can opt to use salsa to season your beans if you wish. Heat thoroughly.

Fill warm shells with beans - using no more than 150 calories worth of beans. Add an Evergreen Salad Mix of your favorite greens; we based our calorie totals on 4 cups of chopped iceberg and leaf lettuce.

Also add chopped tomato to the Black Bean Tacos, raw chopped onion if desired and up to 80 calories worth of light sour cream (2 servings worth at 40 calories per serving).

Top with 50 calories worth of shredded cheese and use as much salsa as you wish. A great way to stretch cheese is to use the Sargento's Colby-Jack reduced fat cheese which contains 50 calories per serving - and simply grate over the Black Bean Tacos. A little goes a very long 'weigh'!

Total Dinner Calories: About 500 calories. Contains 4 grain group servings, 1.5 protein group servings, 4 vegetable group servings, 3 dairy group servings and minimal fat.

Bedtime Snack:Beddy-Bye Ice Cream with Fresh or Frozen Berries OR you can enjoy a yogurt for 100 calories.

Opt for 75 calories worth of reduced fat ice cream. Top with 1/2 cup of sliced strawberries or 25 calories worth of your favorite berry.

Be sure to check the labels and don't pass-up the sugar free, reduced fat varieties of ice cream.

These days, you can enjoy a nice serving of ice cream for a tiny bit of calories.

This bedtime snack contains 1 dairy group serving and .5 fruit group serving.

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