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Free Meal Planners for Fall Dieting

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Lose Weight With Diet Bites Free Meal Planners

Need to get on track and drop those pesky pounds before those all-important holidays slide into place?

Would you like to see the look on snooty Cousin Ellie's face when she gawks at your trimmer shape beneath the old mistletoe? Why, she just might choke on her Christmas punch.

Let's place those luscious thoughts aside to say that you can achieve just that with Diet Bites Free Meal Planners. Dropping those excess pounds will not only deliver a slimmer shape - as you'll also feel refueled being encased in a smaller, more efficient package. The red bow is optional, of course.

And it may be easier thinking of weight loss as a lay-a-way plan.

Many early holiday shoppers place their holiday gifts on lay-a-way and slowly pay it off - and just before the big day, they get their gifts out and enjoy the rewards. So think of weight loss in this manner. One goes on a reduced calorie daily diet meal plan, and slowly the weight comes off because no matter how desperately we want to drop pounds immediately, it would kill the body to do such. The body is required to slowly adjust to the new weight and adapt accordingly. This is why crash dieting crashes the body to smithereens.

The weight may be coming off slowly, but it's also coming off steadily. Soon, those unwanted pounds add up to significant weight loss. If an individual begins losing weight now (at the beginning of the fall season), by Thanksgiving they could be down about 20 pounds! Perhaps even more, depending upon their personal composite. By Christmas, almost 30 pounds could be shed, and again - perhaps more!

On that note, let's get started! The free meal planners for our Fall Diet are located here but please read the following Food Notes before getting started:

First and foremost, nothing in ANY diet plan should be set in stone.

Remain fearless in making this Diet Bites Free Meal Planner your own by adding personalized flavors and old favorites to your daily diet plan that have been reworked to hold fewer calories and fat grams. For example, while Dieter Velvet loves the flavor of lemon, her taste buds have never taken to orange. So when Dieter Velvet sees a recipe featuring orange, she opts to add lemon instead.

Another example: Dieter Ted loves spaghetti sauce but his tummy cannot tolerate an abundance of acidity. Just a little bit will do. Dieter Ted works around this challenge to add a lot of vegetables - such as sliced mushrooms and sliced summer squash to his sauce which he sautÚs in butter flavored cooking spray (or a bit of extra virgin olive oil) before adding to his sauce.

He also adds a good dose of black olives at times. Because his sauce contains an abundance of healthy vegetables which absorb the flavor of the sauce, he is able to enjoy less sauce without sacrificing flavor - while receiving another perk: a healthy serving of vegetables!

So feel free to grab the gusto and personalize any and all of Diet Bites Free Meal Planners to fit your busy schedule and to satisfy your taste buds.

About Weighing

If you'd like to weigh before you start your diet, then grab the gold! If that's a frightening thought, you can easily monitor your weight loss success by the loops on your belt, the fit of your upper-arm sleeves and clothing seams, the fit of the shirt or blouse collar, the fit of your favorite pair of jeans and of course - your beautiful image in your magic mirror.

Rate of Weight Loss

The amount of weight one loses varies from individual-to-individual based on personal composition. Even an individual who is the same height and weight as another will lose weight at a different rate than the other. A few examples of conditions that influence weight and rate of weight loss include: gender, body frame size, metabolism speed, ethnic make-up, climate, height, age and current weight.

A rule of thumb: A pound equals 3,500 calories. In order to lose one pound per week, an individual must reduce their current daily diet by 500 calories. To lose two pounds per week, an individual must reduce their daily diet by 1,000 calories.

The average weight of weight lost by dieters equals about 2 pounds per week - which is a very safe rate of weight loss. It may not sound like much, but hey - that's like.....104 pounds of potatoes!! No small potatoes there! And a 2-pound rate of weight loss per week is not only a safe rate of weight loss, but the weight is highly less likely to return than rapid, dramatic weight loss.

Therefore, based on the above weight loss information, if you have 20 pounds to lose, then give yourself about 10 to 12 weeks. If you have 50 pounds to lose, allow yourself about 24 weeks - or six months. If you have more than 100 pounds to lose, then give yourself about a year - and you can certainly be successful with dedication and earnest determination. I know, because I've been there and have kept off the weight for more than a decade and counting.

Time does fly - and haste does make waste. Have faith in yourself and good things will come with patience. And if you do have a significant amount of weight to lose, the great news is that you're more apt to lose more weight at the beginning of your diet plan. The smaller your body becomes, the less calories it will require, therefore taking less calories (energy) to support, so weight loss will decrease a bit. When it comes to getting off those unwanted stubborn pounds -'s all good news!

The Diet Bites Free Meal Planners are based on 1,500 calories per day.


Some people go nuts with water - wanting to flush-out the impurities, but they are doing more damage to their bodies at times, than good - and may even be putting their lives at risk. On average, our bodies require 8 cups of water per day.

Our bodies are comprised chiefly of water, and our bodies regulate the balance of water in our bodies. When an imbalance occurs, the heart may suffer - even the healthiest of hearts. We've all read the stories of long-distance runners who died amid competition or when working out due to an imbalance of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium).

In addition, water is comprised in much of the food we consume throughout the day. The current USDA recommendation for water intake is 8 glasses, but what is a glass? It can equal 2 ounces OR go up to 32 ounces! Given such, we translate the recommendation to logically equate to 8 cups of water per day  - more when active or in warmer climate conditions, and more may be needed for those with certain health conditions.

While trying to drop those unwanted pounds, we recommend opting for fat-reduced dairy products, and keeping beverages consumed throughout the day as low in calories as possible. In many 'weight gain' situations, high calorie beverages are the chief culprit - in particular, soda and juices.

Enjoy all the tea and coffee that you wish as long as low calorie creamers (10 calories per serving) is used, as well as sugar substitutes.


You sweet thing you - you're already so sweet that you don't need a sugar overload! Sugar is hefty in calories - about 800 per cup for white granulated sugar. If our daily diets were very limited in sugars and oils, I daresay many people would be overweight. These two 'meanies' are so high in calories - and of course, oils are pure-D-fat.

Therefore, when the Sweet Tooth Fairy arrives, opt for fresh or frozen fruit, or canned unsweetened fruit. Opt for sugar substitutes for coffee and tea. Opt for zero calorie sodas and light juice. These can be quite tasty and you may not even miss the flavors of your old buddies - but your waistline certainly will in BIG WEIGHT LOSS REWARDS!

As to the sodas, we have tested so many diet drinks we should be springing leaks about now. We enjoy Diet Sunkist Orange, Diet A & W Rootbeer and Diet Cream Soda. The diet ginger ale's can be nice, but we recommend sticking to a major brand. The light Hawaiian Punch is also quite tasty, as is Diet Big Red. Although we aren't big on the cola flavors, it can be an acquired taste - so whatever fancies your fancy.

Oils & Fats, Including Margarine & Butter

Opt for cooking spray whenever possible until you have your weight under control. For the table, we highly recommend "Move Over Butter" which contains 50 calories per serving and is really delicious and fluffy. Keep in mind that most cooking oils contain about 120 calories per Tablespoon and a little adds up to a lot of calories and an 'oil-load' of fat grams.

Exercise & Activity

Our favorite activity is walking. Even a daily 15 minute brisk walk will render extra support in ditching those unwanted pounds. Be sure to start out slowly and build, particularly if you have a lot of weight to lose.

Doctor, Doctor!

As with ANY weight reduction plan, we strongly recommend that you visit with your doctor first. Why so? For one, to rule our health issues which may be contributing to weight gain such as thyroid imbalances and diabetes.

For two, if you have a certain health condition your daily diet must co-exist with that condition for a healthier you!

For three, to rule out hidden health conditions - such as pregnancy.

As to pregnancy and lactating moms - we do NOTrecommend a reduced calorie or calorie-restricted daily diet as that should be a doctor/patient decision based on the health of the mother.

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