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Let us count the Diet Ways with Egg Salad!

Oh my, there are so many wonderful ways (or is that 'weighs'?) with Egg Salad that it makes our little brains hurt. Low in calories, high in protein - Egg Salad rules when it comes to weight loss advantages.

And yes, watching the yolk is no joke for those watching their cholesterol, so if you're in that category, be sure to follow your doctor's orders when it comes to daily egg consumption. And if hen eggs are out, ask if you can use egg substitute in your daily diet, and also to create a delicious egg salad.

Take note that the cholesterol lodged inside our little Egg Wonder is located in the yolk - and that's no joke. Because eggs are a base for Mayo, we've opted for Miracle Whip Light to keep cholesterol limited, and we genuinely like this product.

That tangy zip is certainly addictive - and for a tiny 20 calories per serving (1 Tablespoon), it makes a very wise spread-choice.

The Simple Egg Salad Low Calorie Recipe - The Meal Planning Possibilities of Egg Salad

Diet Bites starts out with the most simplistic of foods - a food that is about as perfect as a food can get: the egg. Begin by boiling and peeling your eggs as you normally would.

Let's start by highlighting other foods and seasonings that perfectly compliment egg salad, because like many of the low calorie recipes at Diet Bites, this recipe is very flexible because we want you to make it your personal signature dish:

If one takes six boiled eggs and adds salt, pepper, 2 Tablespoons of Miracle Whip Light, a teaspoon of yellow prepared mustard and a sprinkle of paprika, and a dash of dried parsley - they would end up with quite a delicious egg salad.

And if one would add a dash of celery seed, a dash of dill weed, and a Tablespoon of sweet pickle relish totheir egg salad - they would have an amazing combination of textures and flavor in their egg salad.

People would stand and cheer! All that flavor and so few calories!

And, if one would go a few steps further and add sliced black (or green olives), a few drained pickled pimentos, a bit of finely chopped celery, a bit of finely chopped onion, two chopped walnuts, two Tablespoons of dried cranberries - then OH MY, they would have created an egg salad for dignitaries fit for a royal table, the family table, a pool table - for any old table.

We could also take our egg salad recipe a step further and add sliced pickled jalapeno peppers or pickled peppers or a serving of real bacon bits/pieces (25 calories) appears our list of healthy foods that compliment the flavor and textures of egg salad are endless.

Our simple egg salad recipe consisting of 6 mashed boiled eggs, 2 Tablespoons of Miracle Whip Light, a teaspoon of yellow prepared mustard, paprika and dried parsley contains about 475 calories and serves three to four, generously.

Mother Nature's Containers for Egg Salad

The following gifts from Mother Nature make wonderful healthy containers for egg salad:

- Lettuce Leaves; wash and pat-dry a large lettuce leaf, then spoon a serving of egg salad in the middle. Fold sides towards the center and enjoy. This recipe is great for some types of vegetarians, or for those wishing to limit carbs.

- Avocados; peel and seed the avocado, slicing it in half. Scoop out a tab of the avocado to allow ample room for the egg salad, as well as to keep a tap on calories.

Although the avocado is a healthy source of fat, it's high in calories, therefore it's important to keep calories at a minimum if you're trying to drop unwanted pounds.

Fill the well in the avocado with egg salad, and you'll have a tasty quick meal.

Pick your avocado wisely. One Florida avocado (no seed, no peel) contains 365 calories, almost 7 grams of protein, almost 31 fat grams, 30 mg of calcium and about 53 mg of Vitamin C.

One California avocado (no seed, no peel) contains 227 calories, 2.67 grams of protein, almost 21 fat grams, 18 mg of calcium and 12 mg of Vitamin C.

- Tomatoes; wash and pat-dry the tomato of your choice, then scoop out the middle. Fill with egg salad and enjoy.

- Portabella Egg Salad Sandwich; start by grilling/roasting/cooking mushroom using your favorite method. We use a bit of extra virgin olive oil and cook our portabella mushrooms on the stove top in a non-stick pan until both sides develop a golden color.

Remove and allow to cool just a bit before filling the 'bottoms' of the portabella mushrooms with egg salad.

By serving the portabella mushrooms top-side-down, they create a littleboat of sorts - like an upside-down umbrella. These are so delicious. Add a bit of rosemary to the recipe, if desired.

Healthy Grains Gain Good Graces

No need to go into a deep elaboration as you can use your imagination to create tempting enclosures that perfectly suit your pallet when it comes to egg salad.

Suggestions include: pita or kangaroo pocket bread, rolls, sliced bread, crackers of all varieties, and hamburger buns. Keep in mind that whole grain choices will increase nutritional benefits.

For Celebrations

egg recipe ingredientsThe Appetizers:

- Large Olives; fill the center of the 'empty' olive with a smidgen of egg salad.

- Cherry Tomatoes; these make perfect-sized containers for egg salad. You know what to do!

- Mushrooms; fill the center of your grilled or roasted mushrooms with egg salad. Be sure that your egg salad is very cold and allow your mushrooms just a few minutes of sitting time before filling.

This allows excess liquid to escape the mushroom - and you don't want the mushroom scorching hot because the egg salad will 'cry'.

Paring for Snack Time or Meal Time

- Rice Cakes; use the plain variety and top with egg salad for a low calorie, delicious treat.

- Hot Dog Buns; forget Frank and load your buns with egg salad. Wedge a lettuce leaf into the pocket of the bun before adding the egg salad which not only adds texture and flavor, but the lettuce will also help in stabilizing the egg salad for a less-messy meal.

- Hamburger Buns; forget Bossy and fill your buns with egg salad, a pretty green lettuce leaf, a few slices of tomato, chopped black olives and an onion slice. The possibilities are endless!

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