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Breakfast is your most important meal of the day as you break your overnight fast and get the old metabolism up and running!

And when one is seeking weight loss, one also seeks a fast metabolism to assist in burning those unwanted pounds as efficiently as possible.

Breakfast & Morning Beverages: Although many fill their tummy with a cup of coffee, juice, milk or tea, we recommend drinking one eight-ounce glass of water with your breakfast, along with your preferred beverage - while keeping calories under control.

And while we're on the subject, several individuals forego morning coffee, tea, juice and milk for a soda. If you must have a soda, you'll need to pay careful attention to the additional calories consumed during breakfast if that soda is a non-diet soda.

Most fructose-based sodas contain about 150 calories which equals 1 egg, 1 slice of 60-calorie bread and 1 slice of microwaved bacon. In addition, research indicates fructose contained in soda and juiceshares a strong connection with fatty liver disease.

While dieting to lose those unwanted pounds, Diet Bites recommends that you balance your calories throughout the day to promote a more efficient metabolism. We suggest keeping breakfast at around 300 calories.

Five Breakfast Meal Planners by Diet Bites

Warm & Cold Whole Grain Cereals + Fresh Plum, about 300 calories

Whether it's instant or requires a bit of cooking time, the whole grain power of cereals can rev-up your metabolism and keep you feeling full until lunch time dings, thanks to a good dose of good old-fashioned fiber.

breakfast recipesMeal Planner List - 1 grain group, 1 dairy group, 1 fruit group

1 serving of cereal (up to 150 calories)
1 cup of skim milk (up to 90 calories)
1 plum OR 1 cup of fresh whole strawberries
sugar substitute for sweetening power + use of zero calorie butter spray for butter power

Egg, Bacon, Toast & Jam, about 300 calories

Be sure to cook your eggs using cooking spray. The butter flavored varieties will add a buttery flavor to your eggs. Feel free to season your eggs with any zero-calorie spice such as dried rosemary, pepper, dried parsley - but do go light on the salt.

The modern daily diet provides more salt than the body needs and excess sodium (salt) creates a situation ripe for false weight gain as it tends to retain water, and of course - this makes the heart work harder. Although a scrambled egg is suggested on our meal planner, you can opt for a boiled egg, a sunny-side-up egg, a hard-cooked egg, or a poached egg.

Meal Planner List - 2 proteins groups, 1 grain group, 1/2 fruit group

1 large egg scrambled using 1 Tablespoon of skim milk, a dash of salt & pepper
1 slice of microwaved bacon
1 slice of whole grain toast (use 60 calorie bread) + zero calorie butter spray for butter power without the guilt
1 serving of jam, jelly or fruit preserves (up to 50 calories)
1 cup of skim milk (up to 90 calories)

Bagel, Cream Cheese, Fresh Strawberries, about 300 calories

One of my father's doctors once told him that a bagel was one of his best choices for breakfast as the high carb content provided energy without adding a lot of fat and calories to his diet.

The key is choosing bagels that are low in calories because some of the bazookas can contain a whopping 500+ calories! Pair your bagel with light cream cheese and fresh berries, and we have a healthy, satisfying breakfast meal plan. Prepare your bagel by either toastingor heating in the microwave.

The microwave method will create a soft bagel (be sure to wrap in damp paper towels and watch the cooking time so that your bagel doesn't turn into a hockey puck) while the toaster method will create - you guessed it! - a toasty bagel.

Meal Planner List - 1 grain group, 1 dairy group, 1 fruit group

1 bagel of your choice up to 150 calories; we like the Lender's Bagels found in the dairy section of our market as they stay fresh longer
1 serving of light cream cheese - and we prefer the whipped cream cheese and allow for 100 calories worth (brands will differ in calorie content)

Enjoy with 1 cup of fresh strawberries.

Sausage Biscuit, Fresh Melon, about 300 calories

Be sure to use the extra lean sausage, and take note that it will require longer cooking time than fatty sausage, but the extra few minutes are definitely worth it when it comes to taste, the calories saved, the fat grams saved and the numbers on your weight scales.

Meal Planner List - 1 protein group, 1 grain group, 1 fruit group

1 prepared extra lean sausage patty (we used delicious Jimmy Dean Sausage for 140 calories per serving)
1 prepared biscuit - up to 110 calories
1 cup of fresh cubed melon of your choice, or 1 generous wedge

Pancakes, Whipped Cream, Fresh Berries

We opted for prepared pancakes of the frozen variety to keep calories under control. Ours contained 90 calories each. As to the whipped cream, we used the spray-canned variety which contained 15 calories per serving. Although you can opt to use a non-dairy topping, the whipped cream is accompanied by healthy benefits.

Slice the berries, if you wish. To prepare, we toasted our pancakes in the toaster, then topped one with whipped cream and 1/2 the fruit, then added the other pancake, topping it with the remaining fruit and whipped cream.

Meal Planner List - 2 grain groups, 1 dairy group, 1 fruit group

2 pancakes - or up to 180 calories worth
whipped cream - up to 45 calories worth
1 cup of whole berries (you can slice them if you wish; some contain more calories than others and we used strawberries in our calorie total)

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