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Calories in Poultry
Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Nutrition Data Chart Posted Below

Calories in Chicken, Turkey, Duck & Goose

The energy values in poultry are very low in its natural state. The number increases OR remains about the same due to the cooking and preparation methods.

Calories also depend upon the skin. When removed, energy values will decrease.

Cooking Methods Can Increase Calories Significantly

A serving size for a chicken breast is 1/2 of the breast. For a small breast, the caloric content is about 150 kcals. If boiling, roasting, grilling and poaching methods are used for the cooking process, the energy values remain about the same.

However, if the breast is dipped in egg wash, battered with flour or other batters, and then fried in oil - the energy values can spike four-fold.

Dipping Sauce Calories Add up Quickly

If frying methods are used, even more energy values can be added in the form of dipping sauces. Those heavy in cream - such as country gravy will add quite a few more calories.

Other popular dipping sauces such as honey mustard, ranch dressing and honey contain 50 or more kcals per Teaspoon. It won't take long for that 150 kcal breast to bloom to 500 kcals.

Nutrition Facts for Poultry

For nutritional information on each pick of the chick, simply view the links of your choice.

Poultry Cut

Recommended Serving

Calorie Content

Chicken Back

1/2 chicken back


Chicken Breast

1/2 chicken breast


Chicken Drumsticks

1 drumstick


Chicken Giblets

1 cup, chopped


Chicken Gizzards

1 cup, copped


Chicken Livers

3 ounces


Chicken Thighs

1 thigh, 2 ounces


Chicken Wings

1 wing, skinless


Chicken Necks

1 chicken neck


Chicken Hearts

1 cup, copped


Chicken Gravy

1 cup


Chicken Pot Pie

1 small pot pie


Chicken & Dumplings

1 serving



1/2 capon



1 cup, meat only



1 cup, meat & skin


Tiny Toppings

These can add spark to your weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Motivation

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