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Calories, Nutrition Notes for McDonalds

Written by Diet Bites

The Caloric Values

If you are currently on a weight loss plan, don't be hasty to place McDonald's on your naughty list.

There are actually several great choices that can work to keep your set caloric limit at where you want it to be.

Excellent Menu Choices for Dieters

Just a few of our favorite menu selections are:

1. The Fish Sandwich (Fillet O Fish)

Diet Tip: When ordering leave off the cheese and ask your server to go light on the tartar sauce. This will take the caloric values to about 300 kcals.

2. Small Hamburger or Cheeseburger

These contain about 300 kcals and are very filling. Order the side salad (20 kcals) and add the salad fixings to your burger to increase the nutritional values.

3. Chicken McNuggets

These contain only 50 kcals each. We suggest that you enjoy with honey packets rather than with the fatty dipping sauces. Use one packet of honey (50 kcals) for every three nuggets.

4. Salads

All of their salads are very low in fat and calories as long as they contain grilled meat over the fried. Be sure to watch the items that you add such as croutons and dressing.

5. McChicken Sandwich

It's on the Value Menu and it's quite delicious - and yes it does contain a tasty batter but still resides under 400 kcals.

Diet Tip: Request less Mayo (or creamy sauce) on your sandwich. We order ours by asking them to go 'light' on the Mayo. There is still an ample amount on the burger and less Mayo equals far less caloric and fatty acid content.

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