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Calories in Lemonade
Sweetened From Concentrate
Nutrition Facts

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Calories, Nutrition Facts for Lemonade

So many colors - pink, white and we can even add a jarred cherry for a flash of red for an additional ten calories, right? How pretty. BUT - how pretty are the calories?

The prepared lemonade at the local market contains about 100 kcals per one 8 ounce serving size. Let's view more of the nutrition facts for this serving size:

Carbohydrates = 26 g
Fats = 0 g
Sugars = 25 g
Dietary Fiber = 0 g
Protein = 0.17 g
Calcium = 10 mg
Potassium = 37 mg
Vitamin C = 10 g

Our nutrition fact chart below shows the data for lemonade in its concentrated state, before water is added. If I were to enjoy the entire 12 fluid ounce can of lemonade, I would consume almost 800 kcals. Lucky for me that it's a bit sour....

My No-to-Low Calorie Lemonade may contain a calorie or two, but would certainly be classified as a diet recipe. I am enjoying a glass at this moment - and it's really tasty. I use a cap or two of bottled lemon juice plus a packet or two of sugar substitute, then add a bit of crushed ice. So delicious!

It's missing the jarred cherry plus a tab bit of the juice for a cherry-lemonade, but you can add that if you wish. It's delicious, prepared either way.

Varieties of Lemonade

It's being combined with tea these days, so if you like that - it's another way to get in a few of those immunity-boosting Vitamin C's.

It's also available in powdered form so you can make your own, at home or on the go which makes this product quite convenient.

Quick Summertime Diet Cherry Lemonade Recipe

It's easy to beat the heat with our sweet and natural lemonade recipe.

The Recipe Ingredients

1 eight ounce glass of water
1 medium sized lemon, just the juice of the lemon
2-3 jarred cherries (10 kcals each) OR use mint if you wish
1 teaspoon of the juice from the cherry jar
1-2 teaspoons of granulated sugar
crushed ice unless the water is chilled

How to Prepare Our Diet Lemonade Recipe

Yes, you can use sugar substitute if you wish but the sugar is a natural source and as long as you keep the amount that you use under control, you can fit the caloric values into your weight loss plan.

To prepare, add all of the ingredient to a large glass and enjoy with a couple of gingersnap cookies. This makes a lovely afternoon snack, particularly amid those hot or warmer days of the year.

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