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Taco Bueno Healthy Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy Burrito Options at Taco Bueno

Even when dining out at your favorite fast food restaurant, you have options which can assist in trimming fat and calories from your meal.

Let's start with our healthy tips for the burritos at Taco Bueno.

Bean Burrito

It's mighty hefty in energy values topping 600 calories. What happens if we omit the cheese? The values are reduced by about 100 kcals. Omitting the chili will also omit 50 calories. By omitting both the cheese and the chili - we knock off about 150 kcals.

Beef Burrito

Oddly enough, the Beef Burrito holds far less energy values at 510 calories. When the chili and cheese are omitted, we end up with a burrito containing about 350 kcals.

Big 'Ol Burrito, Potato Burrito

Most of the remaining burritos contain sour cream. Leaving off the sour cream can save about 50 calories or more, depending upon how generous the employee is who is creating your selection.

Tips for Reducing Taco Calories & Fat Grams

Let's start by looking at the caloric values of the tacos on the menu:

Beef Crispy Taco: 210 kcals
Chicken Crispy Taco: 170 kcals
Beef Soft Taco: 245 kcals
Chicken Soft Taco: 184 kcals
Party Taco: 143 kcals
Beef Taco Rollup: 190 kcals
Chicken Taco Rollup: 180 kcals
Flame-Grilled Chicken Fajita Taco: 210 kcals
Flame-Grilled Steak Fajita Taco: 230 kcals

Our of the above, the Party version contains the lowest energy values. However, all of the taco selections can fit quite nicely in almost all healthy weight loss plans.

About 50 calories can be saved by ordering your taco without cheese - but because they are naturally low in kcals, the added cheese isn't a bad choice and will add a serving of dairy to your meal.

Quesadillas Too Fatty to Fit Into a Restricted Diet Plan

There are a couple of exceptions: the Mini Cheese Quesadilla at 274 kcals and the Kids Cheese Quesadilla at 219 kcals. The regular sizes are quite steep in energy values with the Chicken Quesadilla at 761 kcals, the Cheese Quesadilla at 709 and the Beef Quesadilla at 823.

Diet Tips for Side Items, Beverages

The drinks at fast food restaurants can absolutely destroy the best of weight loss plans when they are plied with sugar. On the other hand, those containing sugar substitutes aren't a good choice either.

Sugar substitutes are the #1 contributor to acidity amid metabolization with fizzy water not far behind. The combination of fake sugar and carbonated water - not a good combo for a body that is on the acidic side.

Therefore, we recommend ordering water.

As to side items, request a nutrition guide from your server so that you'll be ensuring that what you order can fit into your set energy values.


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